Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to use WePlayCoD on Twitter

Not only can WePlayCoD be used as a tool to let other CoD fans know what's going on with you in the CoD world, you can also use it if you happen to be looking for a CoD clan, some friends to play CoD with, answers to your CoD-related questions, and more.

Feel free to tweet us with your request. We have provided some examples for requesting info and/or teammates as well as "bragging rights" tweets. Include your console, the CoD you'll be playing (if applicable), the time you'll be playing, and if you wish, include your Gamertag or PSN Id for other WePlayCoD followers to connect with you directly on your console.

*We've also began using the new #weplaycod hashtag on Twitter. Simply include the #weplaycod tag at the end of your CoD tweet and this will allow anyone to search for other CoD players and what we're all talking about. You can use this when looking for teammates, reporting CoD-related news, or any other CoD-related chatter.*

"@WePlayCoD: Need 3 teammates for Der Riese. Starting in 1 hour. @reply or send message to "Gamertag" #codwaw #weplaycod (360)"

"@WePlayCoD: Needing help with One Shot One Kill on Veteran. @reply or message "Gamertag" #cod4 #weplaycod (PS3)"

"@WePlayCoD: Just finished WaW on Veteran! WOOT WOOT! #codwaw #weplaycod"

We hope those of you that frequent Twitter will find this to be a useful tool and an all-around neat little socal spot for Call of Duty fans.


  1. Need to know where and how to download map packs for WaW Ps3!

  2. Map Pack 3 is now available on the Playstation Store. You should be able to find it on your console. If not, let us know and we'll try to help.