Monday, August 17, 2009

Join #WePlayCoD Group Messaging On Twitter

Starting today, we will now be sending your requests for teammates, clan matches, private matches, etc via our new group messaging feature on Twitter. To sign up, simply tweet us @WePlayCoD asking to be placed in our groups. Please also include either NA(North America) or EU(Europe) with your tweet depending on your location. As of now, we have three separate groups.

The first group is the WePlayCoD group. All of you who wish to be on the message list will be included in this group. This will be where you'll receive general information, reminders, and general teammate/match requests.

The second group will be for those of you living in North America, appropriately titled CoDNA. CoDNA members will receive messages when a location is specified in any request as well as any NA specific messages that we may send.

Our third group will consist of the CoD players hailing from the EU. If you're on the other side of the ocean from us, that includes you. Like the CoDNA group, the CoDEU group will receive messages regarding EU specific requests, whether that be a player looking for teammates, setting up a clan match, or any other EU specific messages that need to be passed along.

The idea of this is to easily and quickly notify you of any recent requests. This will further our goal of bringing CoD player chat to Twitter. As we are receiving more and more replies each day, this should keep everyone in the loop as well as keep us away from spamming your Twitter feeds.

Keep spreading the WePlayCoD word by using the #weplaycod hashtag with all of your CoD tweets!

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