Wednesday, August 26, 2009

#MW2 GamerZine Interview Part Deux

Check out part two of GamerZine's MW2 interview with 402 where they delve a bit further into multiplayer, weapons, and new features.

Yesterday it was about open levels and familiar faces. Today it's Killstreaks, weapons and vehicles. Robert Bowling spills a few more beans about Modern Warfare 2 in the second part of our exclusive interview. Read on to find out more about the game that's set to be the biggest entertainment release ever.

GamerZines: Can you tell us anything about the new weapons which are set to appear in the game? Will we get to control new vehicles in the single-player game?

Robert Bowling: We focused on having a large variety of weapons in every category for the player to choose from, in addition to a large number of new attachments to customize those weapons even further to your play style. A lot of the new weapons were spawned from balancing the multiplayer of the game. We added Customizable Killstreaks to MP, like the ability to call in an user-controlled AC-130 gunship overhead, which required something with the ability to take it down, along with many of the other airborne killstreaks. That logic led to the inclusions of dedicated launchers, like the AT4 or stinger. In addition, we have a bunch of new assault rifles like the FAMAS and ACR, sub machine guns like the new variant of the MP5 called the MP5k which is shorter and faster. And a larger variety of pistols, including automatic ones like the Glock.

GZ: Some of the most well-received moments in the first game were those which offered something a little different from previous Call Of Duty games. Will we see slower-paced, more stealth-led stages like Pripyat in Modern Warfare 2?

RB: Modern Warfare 2 has new experiences around every corner and in every mission. Choose a more stealthy and subtle approach or go in guns-blazing - a lot of the levels can be played either way. Cliffhanger is a perfect example of that, where it builds up with the infiltration of the enemy facility by scaling the mountain side. Once you get in you have the option to use the low visibility to your advantage as Cpt. MacTavish provides thermal over watch from above and you sneak up on unsuspecting guards patrolling, or fight your way through as 'Soap' calls out enemy positions. Regardless of what you choose, there is a moment when the whole base becomes alerted to your presence and you get that classic run-and-gun action leading up to an epic action movie experience of escaping via snowmobile downhill while being pursued by enemies on their own snowmobiles as their air support fires down on you. In addition there are certain levels which are completely dedicated to that slower-paced style as well.

GZ: The inclusion of vehicles in the multiplayer in World at War wasn't well received, and there are fears that they could upset the delicate balance of Modern Warfare's online modes. Can you confirm whether vehicles will feature in the multiplayer, and if so, how have you ensured they don't unbalance the game?

RB: We never put vehicles in multiplayer. Our focus is on fast-paced infantry combat, where you're never reliant on transportation. We do have expanded Killstreak Rewards now, some of which are user-controlled. For example, where you previously could call in UAV, Airstrikes, and Helicopter Support but had no control on how helpful they were, there are many more options which allow you to take control of the gunner or control its success a bit more for a limited time. Such as the AC130 gunship where you can fire any of the three weapons on it during its limited time in the air.

The final part of our interview goes live tomorrow, where we talk about new perks, how Infinity Ward will be dealing with online cheaters, and a very interesting response to a question about level caps. See you in 24 hours...


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