Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Functions Including #weplaycod Feed

We've added a few functions recently. These new functions center around the #weplaycod hashtag and should streamline the tracking for those of you who have already adopted our hashtag.

First up, we've opened up the Tweetchat #weplaycod feed. Once you've approved Tweetchat on your Twitter profile (one time only), you'll be able to easily visit the WePlayCoD feed and make use of Tweetchats room to better suit you. Not only can you view what your fellow CoD players are tweeting about, you'll also be able to reply, DM, RT, and favorite those tweets that interest you. Our Tweetchat URL is-

Next on the list is our new Tweet Blender feed located in this blog (sidebar --->). This will also keep track of any and all tweets containing #weplaycod and like Tweetchat, will allow you to reply straight from the widget to Twitter. I have noticed a problem or two that may arise, but we'll cross that bridge should we make it there.

Last but not least is the now automatic feed of posts from our blog to the WePlayCoD Twitter. Anytime we have a new article, it will be automatically posted on the WePlayCoD profile with the article name and a link to the post.

*We have now also added Twitter Feeds for both IW and Treyarch Comm. Managers, a Modern Warfare 2 feed, as well as an Intel feed from the CoD HQ (WaW).*

Thanks for stopping by, and like always, your feedback on WePlayCoD is greatly appreciated. Don't forget to use the #weplaycod hashtag with your CoD tweets!

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