Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tracking Call of Duty chatter on Twitter

Since WePlayCoD is built around the #weplaycod hashtag functionality, we thought it would be nice to show you a couple of our favorite tools that will allow you to easily keep track of what all of your CoD teammates are chattering about out there on the Twitter battlefields.

First we'll start with the Twitter search function. Easy enough. Simply enter "#weplaycod" in the Twitter search field and you'll be brought to the results of what we're all talking about. Basic, short, and sweet.
Twitter Search- #weplaycod

Next we'll show you the #weplaycod Tweetchat room. This is a direct link to Twitter and will bring you to your own personal room that will show all tweets that include the #weplaycod hashtag. From there you'll be able to @reply, retweet, favorite, and customize your room to your likings. Still a bit basic, but very streamlined.

#WePlayCoD Tweetchat Room-

Now time for one of our favorite hashtag tools, Twubs. We now have our own Twub #weplaycod profile where anyone can visit and see a complete list of info that comes from the #weplaycod hashtag. That includes any links, screenshots, videos, etc that may be included in your CoD tweets. Not only can you see any and all info that comes from our hashtag, but you can see our top tweeters, view the blog RSS feed, get your very own embeddable #weplaycod widget, and more all while having the Twitter functionality in one place. This gets our top vote.

#WePlayCoD Twub Page-

We hope you'll find these tools useful, informative, or at the very least, entertaining. For those looking to spread your CoD word while tracking others CoD words, you should find these tools to be a neat addition. Thanks to all of you who have supported us! We look forward to continuing to bring CoD players on Twitter together!

Don't forget to use the #weplaycod hashtag in all of your CoD related tweets!

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