Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WePlayCoD Giveaways!

First I'd like to thank all of you who have signed up for our new group Direct Message feature. We'll be starting to regularly use this in the near future and will be releasing details on that soon.

*Congrats @sportfan91 for winning the official Call of Duty: World at War hat in our first DM group giveaway!*

Tonight we'll be choosing one of you who are participating in our DM group to win an official Call of Duty: World at War hat from the WePlayCoD swag vaults. Those who have signed up should be receiving your DM shortly regarding tonight's giveaway. Don't worry if you've not signed up yet as we'll be signing you up from now on. Simply reply to us with your country and we'll add you to our groups.

We've also just received word that CoD community member Camping_Soldier will be giving away 800 Microsoft points to a lucky winner once WePlayCoD has reached 1000 followers. I'll also say that WePlayCoD will also be giving aways some prizes once we hit that mark as well. Thanks to Camping_Soldier for supporting WePlayCoD.

Thank you all for supporting WePlayCoD, your number one place for CoD info, chat, and more on Twitter! Remember to include the #weplaycod hashtag with your CoD tweets!

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