Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WePlayCoD Needs Your Feedback!

We're in the starting stages of what we hope will be the one place for all of you CoD Twitterbugs to come for CoD news and social player chat on Twitter.

We are currently accepting @replies from those of you looking for other CoD players to party up with. The problem is that retweeting these requests can lead to Twitter spam, which none of us enjoy. We're in the process of devising new ways to go about getting you guys and girls together without having to spam everyone's Twitter feed.

One possibility is to use the #weplaycod hashtag function. When included in your request for teammates or any other CoD-related tweets, others would be able to easily search #weplaycod and find other CoD players. This would cut down on any possible Twitter spam while allowing all of you to easily find users in search of fellow CoD players.

We ask that you give any and all feedback that you may have on not only our "team search" option, but as well as any other facet of WePlayCoD. Whether that be what you'd like to see come from us, or any improvements that can be made to the current setup. Feel free to leave your suggestions here or @reply us on Twitter.

Thank you all for checking out WePlayCoD! We <3 the CoD community!

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  1. hashtag is the way to go. Cuts down on tweet spam and allows people to save the hashtag search for later... Keep up the good work

  2. I like the idea. I don't mind the spam as I use tweetdeck, but the hastags is a good idea. I hope people take advantage of this, I know I at times need to find people to play with.

  3. I'm liking the hastag idea, that way you arent over-tweeting

  4. Hashtag idea for all the reasons Sarah mentions

  5. Yes the hashtag is the way to go. Nothings more annoying that getting on twitter and the whole page is from one person.

  6. I've been watching the #weplaycod hashtag and it looks to be doing well given the number of followers we have at the moment. This should only improve as we gain more followers.

    I'll be watching the feeds, reading tweets, and collecting feedback over the next few days and will then decide on the final system.

    Thanks for the feeback!