Friday, August 14, 2009

Winners Announced In Giveaway!

* Congratulations to @Trax22 (PS3) and @DannyTrose (360) on submitting the correct answers to our quiz and winning themselves a $20 PSN card and 1600 MS Points. Thanks to all who entered and to all who have been supporting WePlayCoD! More contests and giveaways coming soon. Check out the rest of our blog while you're here. ;) *

These being prizes worth $20 each , you're going to have to do a little bit of work and show us that you are a true Call of Duty fan. The following is a quiz about Call of Duty, from Call of Duty 1 through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You must reply to us on Twitter with the correct answers. All correct entries will be entered into the drawing which will give one random winner the Microsoft Points and one random winner the PSN Card. Since the points are region specific, this contest will only be for US residents. I assure you that we will have worldwide contests in the future.

The following is an example of how your tweet should be formatted. If you do not follow this format, you will not be pay attention. Remember to include your console

@WePlayCoD 1A,2B,3C,4D,5C,6B (360 or PS3) #weplaycod

On to the quiz......

1) The original Call of Duty was released on what date?
a) November 10th, 2009
b) October 31st, 2004
c) October 29th, 2003
d) September 27th, 2002

2) Which of these characters were not playable in Call of Duty 2?

a) Private Vasili Ivanovich Koslov
b) Corporal Bill Taylor
c) Sergeant John Davis
d) Captain Price

3) Which multiplayer game mode in Call of Duty 3 requires a team to capture several fixed flags, in order, across the map to win?
a) Capture the Flag
b) Team Deathmatch
c) War
d) Domination

4) What is the name of the single player mission in Call of Duty 4 which places you in the seat of an AC-130 gunship?
a) War Pig
b) F.N.G.
c) One Shot, One Kill
d) Death From Above

5) The badass that is known as Sergeant Reznov in World at War is voiced by which actor?
a) Micheal Douglas
b) Gary Oldman
c) Emmanuel Lewis
d) Kiefer Sutherland

6) How many customizeable kill streak rewards can be unlocked in Modern Warfare 2?
a) 15
b) 7
c) 3
d) 20

...remember to follow the provided format. Do not leave your answers in the comment section unless you want to help others out. You have until 10pm EST to get your entries in. Winners will be announced at 11pm EST. Good luck and thanks for supporting WePlayCoD!


  1. a b c d b a or is it.....
    a d c d b a or maybe its....
    a c c d b a or possibly....
    a a c d b a nah, I'm not gonna help you

    P.S. One of those IS the right combo. Just sayin'