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Modern Warfare Multiplayer Event Media and Info!

Tonight has been a good night for Modern Warfare 2 fans around the world. Twitter has become the messenger, and we are happy to keep track of the chatter (courtesy of Aggretweet) and compile it right here for your viewing pleasure.

Put your Flak Jackets on...this could get bumpy.  We'll start off with what we learned about perks, killstreaks, and.....death streaks.

Misc. Info.

-Max Rank- 70
-Each perk has a “Pro” level that is unlocked by completing perk-specific challenges
-Ranking and Points distribution has been revamped
-100 experience per kill is the new baseline
-Specific actions dole rewards (i.e. headshot, sniping, downing chopper, etc)
-Prestige has been changed. Completing Prestige will be rewarded
-Modded controllers have been addressed
-Akimbo is an attachment for certain weapons (i.e. PP2000)
-x3 Frag has been removed
-Secondary Weapons will have attachments and camo


Marathon- Unlimited Sprint
Lightweight-Faster sprint
Commando- Increased melee disance
Hardline- 1 less kill required for killstreak
Hardline Pro- 1 less death required for deathstreak
Scavenger- Full resupply from dead bodies
Coldblooded- Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries and thermal.
Sleight of Hand Pro- Reload faster as well as ADS (aim down sight) faster 
Scrambler- Ability to jam all radars
Bling- 2 Primary Weapon Attachments

3- UAV
4- Care Package- Random killstreak or ammo drop.
-Throw down a special smoke grenade to call in an airdrop of goodies on your location. Your reward might be something simple, like an ammo refill, or something awesome, like an instant advanced kill streak. The catch is that everyone, including enemies, can see (and take) the packages location on their radar. This isn’t necessarily a drawback, however, as they can be used as bait for ambushes.
4- Counter UAV
5- Sentry Gun (automated machine gun)
5- Predator Missile
6- Precision Airstrike
7- Attack Helicopter
9- Pave Low - Link
11- AC-130

Deathstreak Rewards 
 Copycat- Steal your killer's class in killcam. Keep class only 1 life. 
 Painkiller- 10 second health boost when you spawn

Confirmed Weapons

M4A1 Assault Rifle AR
Colt .44 Magnum Sidearm


Semtex (sticky grenade)
Throwing Knife
Tactical Insertion- Allows you to choose respawn point. Lose mini-map.
Blast Shield- Increased explosive resistance
 (Snipers and Shotguns CAN have suppressors/silencers)


None Spared - Killed entire enemy team.
Switchblade - Most knife kills.
Grudge Match - Most kills of same player.
Pathfinder - Most UAV's.
Sprayer - Most hip-fire kills.
 Vengeful - Most paybacks.

Secondary Weapons

Secondary weapons are no longer just pistols – they include machine pistols, shotguns (standard and automatic), and various rocket and missile launchers. This is great news for snipers, who will no longer be helpless in close-quarters (an automatic shotgun is a sniper’s best friend). And with a well-fired missile, you can take down helicopters, AC130s, UAVs and other nuisances. -GR

CoD4’s red dot sight, grenade launcher, and suppressor are still here, but there’s so much more. Attachments no longer refer to just physical objects and properties, they can refer to skills too. Akimbo (dual wielding) and Rapid Fire are a whole lot cooler than “Digital Camo.” Other new attachments include a heartbeat sensor, thermal scope, and tactical knife.

In other news, sniper rifles can now be fitted with suppressors. “Run and gun” players may not like the change, but sneaky bastards like myself are all over it. Shotguns are now suppressible too. -GR

Riot Shields

If you need a change from the usual strategy, try replacing your primary weapon with a riot shield. It’s bullet proof up to a point, and makes you a pretty damn menacing opponent. You can’t shoot and hold the shield at the same time, but you can bash people’s heads in, and when you’re using your secondary weapon, the shield is stowed on your back, giving your quantum singularity a little extra protection. Combine this with a blast shield, and your enemies will have a hell of a time knocking you down.

Game Modes

Demolition-  A new and improved version of Call of Duty 4’s Sabotage mode. Everyone on the attacking team has a set of explosives and these can be set on two bomb points simultaneously. The attacking team tries to bomb both points before the round ends. Successfully blowing up one point extends the time limit. The countdown timer on the explosives is around 45 seconds to give the defense a chance. -G4

Capture the Flag- Standard CTF, but capturing the enemy flag requires your flag to be at home. Picking up a flag is done automatically by standing over it for around a second. Returning a downed flag is just as fast. Flag carriers will appear on your HUD as periodically updating waypoints, showing the carrier’s position as of a few seconds ago.-G4

 MW2 Presentation (via @pstjoker)

Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 250GB HDD (via @gamesradar)

Xbox Live Beta Menu

Multiplayer Maps

Afghan is a rocky desert map, the centerpiece of which is the ruins of a downed jumbo jet. The open central area, which contains the aeronautic set piece, is great for snipers as it’s overlooked by several high cliffs and bunkers. At the northern and southern ends, the passages become more confined in caves and on ledges, and the fighting gets more intense. -GR  


The term “favela” means shanty town, which, you guessed it, is what this is. The best way to conceptually divide this map is into two sections – the high ground and the low. The high ground is on the rooftops, which provide little cover but offer faster travel and a broad view of the larger streets and objective sites. The low ground is great for making escapes, as you can disappear around corners faster than your pursuer can rattle off bullets, though you must always be weary of the marksmen who lurk above. -GR


This map’s uncharacteristic modern urban setting is very welcome. The map is comprised of the roof of an unfinished skyscraper (complete with helipad), two interior office spaces at the northern and southern ends, and a passageway which connects the two sides. -GR

Killstreak Reward Menu (via @pstjoker)

Callsign Menu (via @pstjoker)

In this picture you will find the callsign, which will be customizable with a myriad of options from title, emblem, rank, etc as well as what looks to be post-game accolades


None Spared - Killed entire enemy team.
Switchblade - Most knife kills.
Grudge Match - Most kills of same player.
Pathfinder - Most UAV's.
Sprayer - Most hip-fire kills.
 Vengeful - Most paybacks.

Aha! That's why we have callsigns, which are essentially big customizable plaques which pop up when you score a kill or perform a commendable action. Callsigns include a title, which is a string of letters (in this case "My name is"), an insignia (that ghostly fellow), a background, and, of course, your gamertag and rank. The titles, insignia, and backgrounds are all unlockable, and there are hundreds of them unlock. You can unlock them by leveling up, or by completing certain prerequisites. For example, we unlocked the “Accident Prone” insignia, presumably from falling off too many ledges. -GR

Create-a-Class  Pics (via @pstjoker) 


Gameplay Footage (Sorted newest to oldest)

*All Gameplay Footage and Video Interviews have been moved to our official site to reduce blog and homepage load times. - LINK*

Much thanks to Geoff Keighley, PST Joker, Rudedog, jockyitch and the guys at Bash and Slash, Aggretweet, and all of the WePlayCoD supporters for keeping us in the loop throughout this Modern Warfare 2 whirlwind.  We will be updating this post with more information as we find it.  Enjoy!

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