Thursday, September 10, 2009

MW2 Confirmed Weapons

Thanks to trousersnake45 for compiling the list of confirmed weapons and giving us these videos. 

The following weapons we're found in media collected at Thanks guys!
-Colt 1911 (Screen shot of Spec Ops mode)
-Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR (re-examining release trailer in the 1UP interview and listening to you guys)
-AUG with 1.5x optical (the first video lists w/o, although it looks to be an option of both. Screenshot of battle with russians on airstrip)
*-Winchester 1887, the shotty from terminator (Now, this is of course doubtful, but gun in the picture's handguard is a damn close match. Check out the weapons page at modernwarfare247 to see the find yourselves. Great catch guys!)
-AK-47 (Yes, it might just be the same, trusty AK, no fancy modern AKM or AK-103, like the first video stated. Re-evaluation of release footage in the 1UP interview.)
-USP .45 (Re-evaluation of release footage in the 1UP interview.)
*-AUG HBAR (Now, that's what the pick-up prompt says as Roach approaches the weapon in the release footage with 1UP, but the picture GIVEN under the prompt is that of an L85A2. Early development thing or maybe their hiding their cards?)
-SPAS-12 (by release footage from a direct feed)
-FN P90 (by re-examining release footage in 1UP interview)

The following weapons were found in the unboxing video by robert bowling (in the concept art book). Both have reason to be doubted because he stated that the book contained EARLY development aspects of game, and so I reason the book might not picture aspects, and by that weapons, of the finished game.
*-H&K MG4

The following weapons were found in various sources
-Buschmaster ACR (by E3 gameplay)
-Famas (by E3 gameplay)
-M468 (Instead of M416, as listed in the first video. By listening to you guys & through re-examination and research)
-Updated MP5 (by an interview with Robert Bowling through Gametrailers)

-FN SCAR: Confirmed by the 2nd MP video. You're holding one in the beginning and a weapon prompt appears for one.
-AA-12: Confirmed by the 1st MP video and a weapons prompt in the 2nd
-MP5k: Confirmed by the 2nd mP video when you pick it up
-Barrett M107(?): In the 2nd MP vid, towards the end, we hear and see 402 busting out head shots with what SOUNDS like the .50, but we can't make it out visually.
-AUG HBAR: Confirmed by a weapons prompt in the 2nd vid, and this time with the appropriate picture ;)
-TAR-21: Confirmed by the 2nd MP video with a weapons prompt.
-L85: Confirmed by an article in OXM
-FN FAL: Confirmed by a weapons prompt in the 1st MP vid. This means that the IMBEL might not be in the game, as it is a kind-of brazilian copycat of the FAL
-Bushmaster M4A3 (*): This one takes the place of the M468 listed in the first update AND the M416 listed in the first video. It's seen in the premier video that the M4 variant TF141 uses has a cobra on it's receiver. That cobra is Bushmaster's trademark
-Mini-Uzi: Confirmed by some single player footage pirated in a demo and put on youtube. It showed up in a weapons prompt.

All of the weapons were found in the promotional material and other sources (keep in mind, this is by no means a complete list), and by that are speculation on my part. However, unless my mind (or my computer monitor) is playing tricks on me, I think my assumptions are pretty accurate. If you want to know where in each of the materials I found any of the weapons, message me via Youtube and I will tell you where to look. After all, everyone should have their own ideas anyway :).


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