Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seen and Heard: IW Developers on Modern Warfare 2

We admit it, we can be caught searching for nuggets of MW2 info just about anywhere, and that includes the title's official forums  Here's a little section we're calling "Scene and Heard: IW Developers on Modern Warfare 2".  We've searched and found some discussions that we found interesting.  We hope you do too.  Enjoy!

In reply to a thread discussing the Coldblooded perk and it's interaction with helicopters and killstreak rewards in general...
Air support will not target players using Cold Blooded at all. "Air Support" includes all helicopter variants, Predator Missiles, AC130's and the as of yet unannounced . The will make you wish you had Cold Blooded when you don't... it's that evil. -IW_Scriptacus

In reply to a discussion on the riot shield in Search and Destroy...
Saying "adapt" is perfectly reasonable if you've played the game before and dealt with this kind of situation. Until the game ships, making assumptions based on limited information is just about all anyone on these forums can do (and this is fine), but concluding that an entire game mode is ruined before you've even had a chance to try it is just jumping the game. -IW_Scriptacus

In reply to a discussion regarding the ability to view your enemies on the heartbeat sensor.
Would you? You're assuming that everyone is visible on the HBS. And if they've got Stopping Power you'd better be quicker on the draw cause they'll take you down first even with the same weapon. If they're running with Lightweight they may not ever show up on your HBS at all because they moved on top of you between pings.

There's a lot more depth to this stuff than you may realize right now. Just wait til you play the game. -IW_Scriptacus

In reply to discussions of the recent SP level leak, which has been said to be the first mission of the game. Another user had mentioned Cliffhanger being the first mission.
Cliffhanger is definitely not the first mission in the game. -IW_Peasant

In reply to a discussion regarding expired sentry guns.
LOL! They don't appear out of laptops. You set them down and they activate. When they expire there is alternate version of the model that reflects this. -IW_Peasant

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