Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WePlayCoD on AggreTweet - Real-time Tweets and Live Chat!

This isn't our normal type of news, but this is such a great addition for WePlayCoD that we just have to fill you in.  The team over at has been gracious enough to make WePlayCoD their first community feed.  Some of our day-one followers may recall our post on AggreTweet (LINK), highlighting it's various features.

WePlayCoD on AggreTweet- LINK

Here's AggreTweet in a nutshell.  You can now track any and all gaming related tweets, in real-time, right from AggreTweet.  On the Hub page you'll find the main feed which picks up tweets that mention all of the hottest titles, including our beloved Call of Duty franchise.  When you want to see a specific game's feed, simply search for that game or choose it from a tweet found in the Hub feed.

Once you've made it to a game's personal feed page, you'll be able to see all tweets that mention that specific game nearly as soon as the user sends the tweet through.  Combined with a live chat, real-time user leaderboards (who tweets the most about a specific title), as well as in-depth graphs regarding how many tweets a game is getting (AggreTweet has picked up 69,515 tweets mentioning Modern Warfare 2).

Many of you have already adopted the #WePlayCoD hashtag and have been using it in all of your CoD-related tweets.  Now, whether you @reply us, mention the site, or use the #WePlayCoD hashtag, your tweet will be picked up in real-time by the AggreTweet feeds.  Don't forget about the live chat room also located on the WePlayCoD AggreTweet feed page!

To conclude, AggreTweet is a welcome addition to our community and we hope to see all of you making use of it once it's open to the public.  If you want in on the action, you can request a beta code from or on Twitter @AggreGame.  We'll also try to grab some more codes for our trusty followers.  Don't forget to use the #WePlayCoD hashtag with your CoD tweets!

Discuss AggreTweet on our forums- LINK

Chat with the WePlayCoD community in the AggreTweet live chat- LINK

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