Friday, October 30, 2009

MW2: Multiplayer Walkthroughs, Intro and More...(MP Spoilers)

Multiplayer Spoilers

Check out these freshly uploaded videos of some Modern Warfare 2 goodness.  Here you'll see some walkthroughs of multiplayer maps, a rundown of the settings screens, and the game intro.

Here's a rundown of what you might see.  Let us know if anything catches your eye.

Ninja (Perk Slot 3)- Invisible to heartbeat sensors
SitRep (Perk Slot 3)- Insertions (Bomb Squad per IW_Scriptacus- LINK)
Danger Close (Perk Slot 2)- Increased explosive weapons damage
Final Stand (Death Streak)- Last Stand with a twist (per IW_Scriptacus- LINK)
Navy Seal Faction


Settings Screens, Map Loading Images, Etc.



  1. How is it that he can be playing this? Even if his story is true that he got it early from a retailer, which I doubt. Kind of F*ed up, hope he isn't playing on Xbox Live, he will get a nice little ban to go with his preview.

  2. @Tom He said in one of his video descriptions that he got the game from I think gamestop for 120$

  3. I work at wallmart they already have it in storage

  4. apparently he has a flashed xbox and just downloaded it from a torrent site but i could be wrong