Tuesday, October 27, 2009

G4TV Modern Warfare 2 Blowout!

G4TV has just posted fresh intel on Modern Warfare 2, with interviews with IW's Joel Emslie and Todd Alderman. Along with these interviews, they've also snagged an exclusive look at the AC-130 Spec Ops mission 'Overwatch' (Hand of God!, Laser Targets!) as well as a dev walkthrough of the two multiplayer trailers.


AC-130 Spec Ops Mission "Overwatch"

Multiplayer Trailer Walkthough W/ Todd Alderman


  1. 1st video "you don't want to disrupt anything that works" why take dedicated server of? =\

  2. Nice... I haven't seen these here. Thats a rarity as I usually follow closely everything that is MW2 related.