Thursday, October 29, 2009

GameStop Modern Warfare 2 Launch Night Details

GameStop's Modern Warfare 2 promotional site,, has now opened up the Launch Night section for us to check out.  Posted are the festivities that will be taking place, along with a PDF file showing each and every store that will be open at 12am on 11.10.09 for a midnight release.  It looks to be a very large list.  One might say that the shorter list would be the stores which aren't participating.

Here's the rundown for over 4200 GameStop's nationwide...

And for those in NYC, you'll be able to head over to Time's Square for a special event which includes...

To check if your local store will be opening for a midnight release for MW2, check out this list with all participating stores- LINK

Be sure to snap some pics of your local event and upload them to for all to see.

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  1. Cool... think I'll check some of the events at Times Square early evening and go back to Long Island to pick up my MW2 at Midnight.