Saturday, October 10, 2009

GTTV Modern Warfare 2 Extended Cut w/ Vince Zampella

GameTrailers has released an extended cut of the Modern Warfare episode that was shown on Spike this past Thursday.  In this extra video, we get to see some more of the interview w/ Vince Zampella (IW Studio Head).

From confirming that the POTUS will be not be in-game, to speaking about a new training mission ala FNG (looks to be another timed mission.  leaderboards please?), Vince gives us a bit more insight into the world of MW2.

By the way, are we the only ones that light up with curiosity when Geoff and Vince discuss the possibility of controlling an enemy character along with the possibility of attacking the what we now consider our allies (US, UK, AUS, RUS loyalists)?  Also note that Vince agrees with Geoff about showing both sides of the story.

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Thanks @RandomAlec for the heads up.

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