Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Life Without Modern Warfare

That's what could've been had Activision had their way. Moving to a modern setting was too "risky" in the eyes of the publisher said Vince Zampella (IW) to Playstation Magazine.

As you know, with CoD4 moving 14 million copies, this was an obvious ace move by Infinty Ward, which was generally known as a PC developer in the past. It was also said that the developers had been against putting CoD2 in a WWII setting with their first console installment, but saw that the future would give them some room to work with and bit the bullet....albeit with a smash hit in CoD2.

We say Activsion needs to sit back and relax. Infinity Ward has the wheel, and they've yet to steer us in the wrong direction.


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