Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Interview: Robert '402' Bowling

Check out this new interview with Robert '402' Bowling courtesy of MTV's  They had a chance to sit and chat on the IW Creative Strategist's recent EU tour and delved into Modern Warfare 2 a bit more.

Not a ton of new information was uncovered, but they were able to go over some things that may refresh your memory.  We all know there have been ebbs and flows in the info leading up to release, and we tend to sometimes look over or forget about certain aspects that we've found out.  Here's your chance to get up-to-speed on all things Modern Warfare 2.

Quick rundown...

- Callsign system is there to make YOU famous
- Callsign unlocks are based on how you play i.e. downing choppers (Chopped Down), One-shot kills, Knifing, Suicide by Care Package, Mastering weapons, etc.
- Equipment is discussed (frags, semtex, riot shield, blast shield, tactical insertion, throwing knives)
- Throwing knives are reusable
- Bandolier has been morphed in the extended mag attachment
- Many more attachments this time around
- Deathstreaks (Copycat, Painkiller) are specifically for shitty players...seriously :P
- MP XP system has been revamped and rewards you for everything from downing choppers to killing a flag runner.  In a nutshell, expect consistent gratification

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