Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer: Equipment

Today we're going to take a brief look into the known lineup for the new Equipment section in your MW2 Create-a-Class.

Instead of having to go with a frag grenade as was the case on CoD4, the Equiment option allows you to further customize your loadout with the following choices;

- Frag Grenade
- Semtex (Sticky Frag)
- Throwing Knives x2
- Tactical Insertion
- Blast Shield


Your garden variety frag grenade, although a smoke trail has been added for Modern Warfare 2.  Along with the smoke trail, frags now have physics that will allow them to bounce and roll according to real world physics.


Semtex is comparable to the frag grenade, although this version will stick to it's target.  Perfect for lobbing into those hard-to-reach areas, as well as completely humiliating any enemy that steps in the way of your Semtex grenade (as seen below).

Throwing Knives

One of the first new additions we were able see from the multiplayer reveal trailer were the throwing knives.  Coming in pairs, these knives will require a stead hand to get that one hit kill.  Another bonus is that if you miss, you can retrieve your knife to use on another target.

Tactical Insertion

Perfect for objective gametypes (CTF, Domination, etc), Tactical Insertion will allow you to pop a flare on a location which will in turn allow you to respawn at your desired location.  Let's say you're watching over a flag that your team owns in Domination.  Simply toss your Tactical Insertion flare down near your flag.  Once you've been taken out by your opponent, you will respawn at your flare, cutting down on the travel from spawn to objective.  Be careful though, your enemy can and will destroy your Tactical Insertion flare, thus nullifying your spawn selection.

Blast Shield

The Blast Shield is the ultimate run and gunner's selection.  This facial cover will give you added protection from explosives (Frags, Semtex, Claymores, C4, etc).  Have a tendency to detonate Claymores?  Blast Shield is your savior.  If you're a fan of the Flak Jacket perk of World at War, the Blast Shield is what you're looking.

That does it for today's look at Modern Warfare 2.  Check out our MW2 Portal for a complete listing of confirmed MW2 mp information (Factions, Maps, Weapons, Perks, etc)- LINK

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  1. Guys Look At The Semtex Vid Up There He Throws The Semtex With His Right Hand But He Throws The Knife with The Left Hand. It's Not A Big Deal Just Wanna Know Why Is That. Anyone Have Any Thoughts On This?