Thursday, October 8, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 On GameTrailers TV (HD video w/ notes)

Check out the new episode of GameTrailers TV w/ Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley), highlighting Modern Warfare 2.  In this episode, we see some great new footage from Spec Ops mode, learn about a new enemy exclusive to the mode called a "Juggernaut", and see an inside look at what goes into the development of a single player level.

Here are a few notes worth mentioning.  Who are we kidding?  Here is the complete set of notes for the episode in case you missed anything along with some screenshots of our favorite moments.

Single Player Info
- Modern Warfare 2 has expanded upon the characters and story of Modern Warfare
- You will play as Gary "Roach" Sanderson, among other soldiers of the US and UK forces
- If Zampella's "no comment" approach tells us anything, we may just be playing as the "enemy" in part of the game
- One mission opening will be an underwater insertion
- Brand new physics for vehicles

Spec Ops Info
- Again, 23 Spec Ops missions
- Reminded about no checkpoints in Spec Ops.  Stay frosty!
Favela mission will require you to eliminate all enemies.  Higher difficulties include different enemies (e.g. dogs)

- Estate Takedown will be an open and wooded area where you'll have to eliminate 40 enemies (depending on difficulty)
- New Spec Ops enemy named Juggernauts.  A bomb squad suit wearing badass that requires more firepower to take down.  They will rush you, so heads up!
- Breach and Clear mission has set amount of enemies.  Get from point A to point one piece
- Weapons cache is shown before breaching in Breach and Clear

- Snowmobile races require you to finish the race within a certain amount of time.  Co-op will contain flags along the way to pick up which will be competition between you and your partner

Multiplayer Info
- Estate is seen for the first time

Community Info
- #1 request for mp was multiple attachments
- Snow map was heavily requested.  Request granted. :)
- The community will see be surprised at how the war has changed now that it's on our own soil

Thanks @xMinus81x for hooking us up with the live stream!