Monday, October 5, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 PC "Slightly" Delayed (Rumor)(Updated)

*(Updated 10/7) "I know our PC players are anxious for official word. I am as well. I will let you know as soon as I do. I promise. When I left, it was fine." -fourzerotwo via Twitter*

*(Updated 10/7)- GameSpot UK is now showing a release date of 11/24/09 for the PC version of MW2. - LINK*

News coming from Electronice Theater has the PC community a bit perturbed today, stating that the PC sku of Modern Warfare 2 has been delayed until November 24th.  While many of our followers have stated that this is most likely a rumor, we went straight to Activision for the scoop.

A quick call to an Activision representative (after being immediately forwarded by the IW rep)  gave us an "on the record" yet "off the record" statement that it does indeed look like the PC version has been "slightly" delayed.  We were told that an "official" release that confirms this delay should be coming shortly.

While this is still classified as RUMOR, our Activision rep (who shall remain nameless) did confirm this delay for us.


  1. Glad I'm not a PC gamer, but they don't really have much room to complain, as they'll get the DLC for free.

  2. I'd gladly pay for DLC if it means we get it when it's released. PC players get DLC 2 months later than the Xbow ppl.

  3. Thanks for getting to the bottom of this!

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  5. Yeah I called IW as well, and they said you guys are full of shit. IW hasn't said anything on their site so, you are full of shit.

  6. NO love for the PC gamers again

  7. we get the dlc for free ? what difference does that make ? you get it first so. our pc's cos around 1k to play top games like this so we DO have room to complain !!!!

    as you pay for your £120 xbox or £300 ps3's i think we have more than enough room to complain , we are all customers at the end of the day !!

    it just better live up to the expectations .