Thursday, October 22, 2009

MW2 Limited Edition Strategy Guide Info

You may remember our post earlier this month when we were tipped off about the Limited Edition Modern Warfare 2 Strategy Guide now available for preorder ($34.99) at most retailers. While details were scarce then, we can now tell you what exactly makes this version the limited edition which looks to be shipping from BradyGames on November 4th.

If you pick up on things like we do, you'll also notice what looks to be confirmation of a multiplayer map count (hint: it's 16 maps!).

Aside from your consistently awesome bottom of the line strategy guide which contains the following...

- A complete walkthrough leading players step-by-step through each single-player mission.

- AREA MAPS: Detailed maps callout intel locations, alternate routes, flanking maneuvers, and much more!

- MULTIPLAYER COVERAGE: Incredibly in-depth multiplayer coverage. Custom maps show vital locations in each mode of gameplay, expert tactics for team-based play, and more!

- UNLOCKABLES: Every game feature, special weapon, camouflage, challenges, achievements, and more are revealed!

the Limited Edition copy will take the shape of and contain...

- Limited Edition guide is a hardcover book featuring laminated tactical map pack! This double-sided, 4-color map covers 16 areas and is structured to accommodate a standing triangular fold. Plus, the lamination allows for dry-erasable markers to be used!


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