Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer - Infamy


October 4th is a day that a lot of us were clamoring for, and it's here.  Along with it, the stunning new trailer for Modern Warfare 2. We get to hear the first of Hans Zimmer's work on the game, and it reveals a whole lot about the story itself. Washington, DC?  Here we come.

Here are a few things to make note of in Infamy....

- Obviously fighting on US Soil
- Army Rangers are present
- Opposing Forces (Ultranationalists?) can be seen firing upon the Army Rangers FROM the White House, which leads us to believe that the Capitol has been taken over by said opposing forces.  It may be our job to kick ass and reclaim what's ours.

- Ken Lally's (RE5) voice as Makarov?  Lally had previously confirmed that he would be voicing a character in MW2.

- Trailer transcript...
"Cain was the first man ever to strike down another and when the Lord came in and said 'What have you done?', Cain could not hide his crime. For the voice of his brother's blood cried out from the very ground." - American Soldier (Glenn Morshower?)

"The world has been your battlefield, everywhere you go. The blood of brothers and sons screams out against you. Perhaps you cannot yet hear it, because the soil is not your own, but you will." - Vladimir Makarov (Ken Lally?)

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