Friday, October 2, 2009

Seen and Heard v2: IW Developers on Modern Warfare 2

It's take two for our segment that we call "Seen and Heard: IW Developers on Modern Warfare 2".  This is where we scavenge the net (specifically the IW forums) to find out what the devs are talking to the community about.  We know many of you aren't on the forums, so we'll do the work for you.  Let's do this.

In reply to a user asking if Bling (x2 attachments) could be applied to secondary weapons as well as primaries (LINK)-

Hmmmm. Perk upgrades.-IW_Peasant

In reply to a topic discussing primary/secondary weapon combinations (LINK)- 

Theres a secret new gameplay element that can answer this question but that wont be pulic till we ship;) It will be sweet!- IW_Peasant

In reply to a secondary weapon/attachment discussion (LINK)-

Secondaries can have attachments.-IW_Peasant

In reply to a discussion regarding discrepancies between the actual Army Rangers icon and the in-game icon (LINK)- 

For legal reasons we made our own icon to represent the ranger faction.-IW_Peasant

In reply to a question asking if players ping/connection would be shown in-game (LINK)-

There are a number of new matchmaking features and optimizations that make this unnecessary. I can't really go into details, but I will say that the host of a lobby may change to a newer, better host in a number of different ways and at different times.-IW_Scriptacus

In reply to a discussion regarding in-game weapon stats shown in create-a-class (LINK)-

The stats are not directly correlated with actual numbers on each weapon. They're an abstract representation of the performance of each gun, generally relative to the other guns in the same category. They're better used as guidelines and not as an absolute determination of which gun is better.

FYI, people who look at the actual game asset stats often miss of the subtle factors that affect the performance of a given weapon. e.g. 2 sniper rifles may both do 70 damage, but one may have been given a higher stat for "Damage" as displayed to the player. One reason for this is that every weapon can have a unique damage table. One of the two rifles in the example above might have a higher damage multiplier for a particular body part, meaning it may be possible to get a one shot kill to that area with the right combination of perks or attachments.-IW_Scriptacus

In reply to a thread discussing the different Ghillie Suits seen in the released gameplay footage (LINK)-

Maybe they hadn't unlocked those ghillies yet...-IW_Scriptacus

In reply to a thread asking what the Accolade "Super Natural" is (LINK)- 

"Kill/Death ratio over 10".  Where's my cookie?-IW_Scriptacus

So what all have we learned from this segment?

- Bling Pro allows for x2 attachments on your secondary weapons
- Visual Ping/Connection bars will not be present in MW2
- In-Game stats should not be used to totally determine a weapons performance
- Unlockable Ghillie Suits
- The fabled Accolade "Super Natural" requires a k/d ratio of 10:1 or better. 

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