Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hardcore Headquarters Arriving Wednesday

What's better than the current multiplayer playlists? Additional ones! Infinity Ward's community manager, fourzerotwo, has announced via his twitter page what all hardcore game mode fans wanted to hear. That they are planning on adding Hardcore Ricochet: Headquarters Pro tomorrow! (Weds 25th Nov).

''We're planning to add a new hardcore playlist to #MW2 just in time for the holiday break. Look for Hardcore Ricochet: HQ Pro on Wednesday!''
- Fourzerotwo

Hardcore Headquarters was hugely popular in Call of Duty 4, thus it was reasonable that many hardcore fans were disappointed to see that it was not included in Modern Warfare 2. However, many people are now angry that it is a Hardcore Ricochet playlist rather than normal hardcore. Ricochet means that all friendly fire will return to the shooter, this was incorporated to help combat team killing. 

For those that have yet to check out the revised "Pro" version of HQ, the only difference is that the HQ will come online for a short period of time before being able to be captured.  This gives both teams a chance to make it to the HQ and has been a welcome addition to most of us.

What are your thoughts on this addition?  Will you be playing Hardcore Ricochet: Headquarters Pro this week?  What other playlists would you like to see updated in the game? @ Reply us on twitter or make a post on our forums.