Monday, November 23, 2009

Hidden Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Modes

 Those file digging PC modders have discovered four hidden multiplayer modes within the source code of MW2.  Here's your chance to check them out.

A member of Raiders Game Net has posted a summary of the hidden game modes.

Arena = Round based 1 flag gametype. Basically a flag spawns in the middle, and both teams have to capture it. It's similar to gtnw, except it's the round based (one life) version. A team wins if they capture the flag or kill everyone on the other side.

GTNW = Global Thermal Nuclear War = Basically the "nuke" is in the middle of the map, and both teams have to try and get it and set it off. It's a respawn gametype. You have to first "capture" the nuke, similar to capturing a flag on domination. If there are more axis players inside the capture zone then allied players, then they will capture the nuke and vice versa. It doesn't speed up the capturing if more players on your team are inside the zone. Once you have 'captured' the nuke - it can only be activated if your team score is above 100. You get 1 point for every enemy you kill, and 1 point each time you "capture" the nuke. So if you go and hold the nuke point, you'll "capture" it, then if you keep control if it, you'll slowly gain more points every few seconds. The team who activates the nuke, wins. If the timelimit is reached, then the team with a higher score wins.

ONEFLAG = Basically round based CTF with 1 flag, so Axis defend while Allies attack. If round time limit is reached the defenders win, if flag is captured the attackers win. If defenders are all killed, attackers win, and if attackers are all killed defenders win. Basically it's like retrieval.

VIP = Basically it's like assasination. It uses the defenders CTF flag spot as the 'extraction zone' - and picks a random vip... the vip spawns with riot shield and deagle, and also has armor vest and final stand. Once the vip reaches the extraction zone, they have to press use to call in an extraction pickup. This takes 45 seconds, and after that time, the attackers win. The defenders win if they kill the vip or if they kill everyone on the other team. Attackers win if they kill all the defenders, or extract the vip.

I've looked through all 4 of them and noticed they're not fully completed. Well they would work, but they just need tweaking a little. They left a bunch of printLn() stuff which they'd probably need to remove, and they left a line that initializes the _dev.gsc script (a script only for developing).
Although it's probably because whoever coded them was either busy or rushing and didn't notice the minor mistakes they made... (not errors, just extra parameters that don't get used anywhere)''

Some people have also managed to hack the game so that they can play these modes, due to this some videos can be seen below.

Global Thermal Nuclear War

Various Hidden Modes

Does this mean that we will be receiving these game modes in the next few weeks? Not necessarily. They might have been kept out of the game due to being incomplete or possibly just used as test modes. I remember that there were also various hidden files within the PC version of Call of Duty 4 showing maps and modes that never made it in the game, this included Capture the Flag (Yes CTF was originally meant to be in CoD4!).

Although some have mentioned this possibly being paid DLC, that is highly unlikely, especially now that these modes are now known to be included in the retail version.

What are your thoughts on these game modes?  Should Infinity Ward go ahead and patch these in? Discuss this and all other Call of Duty news with fellow WePlayCoD members on our forums now!

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