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Modern Warfare 2 Player Reviews

Instead of compiling a list of Modern Warfare 2 reviews from the big box gaming sites, I thought it would be nice to bring in some of our friendly players to tell you what they think about the new smash hit we're all now addicted to.  Here you'll get to see some different views on the game, so let's get straight to it.

lawtondannyboy: Well anyways, I liked the campaign alot! It was like a movie, but you playing in it. Towards the end, you learn that you cannot trust anyone, and when IT IS the end, it may reveal a Modern Warfare 3. My review on MP: I like the ranking and everything, its just that I don't like the FAMAS, that is the MP40 of the game.

DitkaKenobi: Campaign - The story is a little far fetched for my taste, but outside of that, each level is fantastic in it's own right. It's almost like they came up with a bunch of cool ideas and then tried to wrap a story around them, rather than the other way around.

Spec Ops - So far, I've played through 6 missions with a friend. This mode is excellent and I can already tell I will end up spending a lot of time playing through these. Each mission is it's own thing. No story to get in the way. Just solid objectives for you to complete with a friend (or solo if you lack people skills). Sadly, there are no leaderboards!?!?

Multiplayer - Wow. So, this is what a shooter is supposed to feel like. Customization is off the charts, gameplay is balanced, and all the maps are well crafted and surprisingly large for the most part. Small, cramped maps were the main reason I didn't enjoy MW's MP as much as WaW's MP. The Kill Streak rewards are great and I've noticed that they add a level of back-and-forth gameplay that didn't exist before. A bigger portion of my MP games have been really close, with one game already ending in a tie. Oh, and the best part? I haven't said "F***ing Juggernaut!" in over a 2 days, and that makes me smile.

xMinus81x: I've only done MP so far. My first impression was.....damn I suck. Razz However, after playing a few matches and gettin the swing of the maps that definitely changed. MP is a-freakin-mazing! The maps are huge and multileveled! To me, COD4 seemed to be a 'camp-fest'. This one....not so much. You still have those players that all they know how to do is camp, but they're easily dealt with. Very Happy

I've mainly played TDM (mostly merc) just to get used to the maps, level up and unlock weapons/attachments/perks. I'll probably start switching over to HQ and CTF now.

The unlockables are great. So many weapons/perks challenges to keep the game interesting and variety going. I'm constantly changing classes around (mainly figuring what I like best) to work on the different challenges.

shane35007: I'll start with the obvious, the Maps. I've yet to play Underpass, Invasion and Subbase and I've only played Domintion and TDM / FFA. So I've yet to see how well they play in the more serious modes.

That being written, I love these maps. The detail (burning embers in Scrapyard, killable Chickens in Favela), the designs (Highrise and Terminal) and the look (Estate and Derail might be among my top FPS maps ever) give an all out joy. Even one I figured I'd hate (Rust) is fun because of the HI-Low gameplay.

I prefer this new version of the Challenge menus. It's a bit more clean. The idea of Titles and Emblems is awesome. I could've cared less before I started unlocking em. Finally figuring out that RBumper moves through page at a time, took away my one gripe.

Weapon attachments are great, especially the way they are unlocked. I've never wanted to use the M-203 more then I did yesterday in unlocking my Undermount Shotty for the M4A1 (to find out it sucks took some wind from my sails). I finally unlocked the Thermal Scope for my M4 and am loving it.

My only real gripe is with the Perks. I love the fact that there are Pro versions of a perk which in some cases turn 2 perks from MW into 1 perk in MW2. The downfall to this though, is that it really lessens the difference in my Created Classes so far. I'm level 20 right now and Sleight of Hand Pro is on every Class, except for my LRRP which has Marathon. That being said, I know that Bling is next.

I also think it was cool to make the "Default Classes" have higher level Perks.

The Kill / Death Streaks are awesome and only slightly ridiculous. I've taken down many a Attack Helo / Harrier on my own. I've yet to see a AC-130 taken down, but I'm chalking that to needed more then the AT4.

Yesterday morning when I played the last of CoD:MW, I noticed 19 days of playing time accrued over the 2 years I owned the game (and I took a helluva hiatus). There is no way I will not beat that by at least 50%, as MP is just too damn awesome outta the box.

No I am not good. At best I am average. I'll have a +10 game every blue moon, with the norm being 1:1 or a little better on TDM / FFA and -5+ on Domination / HQ (but still among the leader thanks to cap points)

el_chad: Not going to post a lengthy review but here it goes.

Spec Ops: The few missions I played were quite fun, even the snowmobile was fun to drive. On certain missions 3 stars is pretty tough compared to 1 but it does make a good challenge.

Muliplayer: Where to start... All of the new features are pretty much kick arse. I think it definitely gave MW2 a much more in-depth multiplayer with the tons of challenges and weapon upgrades. Game winning cam is pretty nice also especially to show off any perfectly cooked grenades exploding in front of someones face.

Won't go into weapons much but the M21 sniper is ridiculously good.
Marathon Pro is a really nice perk, really comes in handy for CTF, Domination, HQ, etc...

Kill Streaks:

Care Package: Comes in handy, sometimes getting counter-uav and ammo isn't that exciting but getting a harrier, heli, ac130, etc after 4 kills is nice.

Sentry Gun: Has it's pros and cons but it is much more effective in objective gametypes such as headquarters, domination, ctf, etc... For example, earlier on CTF me and another person had 2 sentry guns set up covering both entrances to our flag, needless to say they didn't get our flag that half. Can really rack up the kills in certain spots to get to your higher killstreaks, but I prefer the predator missile as my 2nd usually.

Predator Missile: Really effective, especially on maps with less buildings. I liked how on terminal I could drop it through the glass roof and take out 3 or 4.

Harrier Strike: Probably one of my favorites, 10+ kills with this happens quite often especially on more out in the open maps.

The rest are all nice too, didn't care too much for stealth bomber but only used it a few times. EMP can come in handy on some games but doesn't really seem worth it to set as a killstreak...

RK1 Silentops: - Single player campaign is great and well diverse as far as various mission objectives. I liked the aspects of all the SP missions while they did remind me of some other games - they looked and played amazing and the ambient sounds and weather were spot on .. the snow storm was my all time favorite map for the SP followed by the last series of SP

I felt very immersed in the game and to me that's huge .. where I feel connected to the story and characters - from the first mission rolling down the road scanning rooftops to the sand dunes .. I felt very connected to the story line

I also felt that the SP was to short for my taste - I wanted more and wanted to play SP more then the short campaign i was given ...

Special Ops is a good little break from MP and SP but I wanted more from it ... I would have rather had a robust SP and CO-OP as we had in WAW

MP is where it at ... the maps are all very welled layout out , the GFX work is unreal and even in MP i get pulled into the map .. with the ambient sounds , the weather .. snow , blowing sand .. amazing

The amount of weapons, attachments, and perks has really made the customization huge. The combination's are almost endless you could have any set up that you needed for your playing style or your teams playing style and the weapons are very well balanced so if your ranked 40 to ranked 1 you have a good Exp playing MP

I like all the little things I unlock , titles and call signs and the pop ups on my screen as I complete a task or get a head-shot or long-shot ...


Duel Wield
Silenced Sniper and Shot guns
Sentry guns
No party chat ... bad choice on IW part .I can see in no re-spawn games but in TDM or HCD or Domination .. come on now I play with people I want to and I dont want to listen to the bullshit in a lobby ... and why should I have to turn my coms to friends only ...

Kyled55: OK I GOT THE GAME AND ITS AWESOME!! Right now im a rank 10

I love the M4A1 and alot of the maps but quarry.

My M4 setup is


Frag Grenade
Stun Grenade

Slieght of hand<-- sorry if i misspelled it
Stopping power
Steady Aim


(forgot what its called but the air drop killstreak 1) if some1 could tell me what its called thanks.
Predator missle<---PWN!

Thanks to those of you who gave us your mini-review.  Feel free to submit your own on our forums and we'll do another one of these- LINK

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