Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Your MW2 Midnight Release Pictures

We asked you to send pictures of yourself at the Modern Warfare 2 midnight launch festivities, and that you did.  Here are a few that were sent our way and a few more that we saw floating around the net.  @flowery_air went all out and gave her ride the MW2 touch. :)



I thought we'd also include this "MW2 Story" from a huge CoD fan, JGMAROT...

"Ok guys Im a big fan of the site and I got my hands on the uk Prestige edition yesterday. Early I know brilliant. Anyway After some playing on my xbox 360 version I got in 7hrs 52min and 48sec the campaign completed on veteran. So I moved onto my ps3 multiplayer - I don't have LIVE anymore. Im now in the twenties after under 3hrs playing and have almost finished the famas challenges just got headshots and Extended mags to get. Any way the game is fab as everyone knows but I hated getting the shot gun thoses 20 n00b t00b kills over two games where horrible to be playing my team and opponent hated me I bet lol."

Feel free to send us more of you pics by either leaving them in the comment section or @replying us on Twitter @WePlayCoD.  Thanks to all of you who were tuned into WePlayCoD leading up to release.  We hope you continue to hang around, and we hope to continue to bring you Call of Duty news and player chat to Twitter.

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