Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pay To Play CoD7?

Reports are now swirling with grumblings regarding Activision's move to charge a monthly fee for PC players AS WELL AS console players for their next installment to the Call of Duty franchise.

Recent reports pointed towards the PC community as the only ones being burdened with the monthly fee, but trusted sources inside Activision have now begun leaking reports regarding the console involvement in this debacle.  As of now, it looks to be a $10 monthly subscription fee for all platforms.  Although this will not be a mandatory fee in order to play, ponying up the coin will net you more weapons, character skins, multiplayer maps, and most interesting, what is said to be "superior matchmaking".  What exactly is meant by "superior matchmaking" is unknown at the moment.

A recent quote from Activision's Bobby Kotick all but cements this recent unraveling of events....

"With players downloading the recent Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC in droves, paired with the  many requests for DLC including additional content, we strongly believe that a paid subscription could very well work for those hardcore players looking to gain an edge over their fellow players." - Bobby Kotick

We have contacted both Treyarch and Activision on this matter and will update with any reply we receive.




  1. The sad that about this, it still might not be a joke after all is done

  2. Activision can go to hell. That is just one more reason I'll be sticking with BFBC2 and Red Dead Redemption (when it's released). I shouldn't be forced to pay to play if I just want to casually go on the online multiplayer. It's sad too because IW sucks but I prefer Treyarch and if this ends up being true I will not be buying the next installment in the series. I think many people will be pissed off about this like I am and will not buy the game. So the hell with Activision and long live DICE (we get free DLC and don't have to pay $15 for 3 campfests and 2 crappy recycled maps no one liked).

  3. this is a joke if this happenes im moving on to another game... Activision is getting a little too greedy and its going to cost them the series

  4. This would have to be one of the dumbest moves Activision could make with CoD7. Halo:Reach is most likely releasing before November and they're going to respond by charging to be able to play the game in its full glory?
    @ww2_honor You get free "DLC" that was already on the disc. They've already said that there will be actual DLC later at a premium price.

  5. (hint) any one know what date is today? if its real then surely i wont buy it

  6. @Greg Yeah but if you only play one game mode you are technically getting new maps that you haven't played before. And they are only doing it this way while they are making new maps. So this is just DICE's way of keeping us occupied in the meantime while their developing new maps.

    And I'm going to laugh when this actually does happen because they have already spoke of doing this before.

  7. This is bull shit! Activision would never do this. crap, crap crap and crap