Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Treyarch Community Manager Wants Your Input

Earlier today Treyarch's Community Manager Josh Olin (@JD_2020) put out the call for your input on the multiplayer side of things for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops.  The question posed was what you, the player, loved and hated from Call of Duty's of past.

We decided to skim through and nab some of your responses.  Enough of our blabbing, let's see what you had to say about it...

GingybreadMan: @JD_2020 Command pro/no falling damage perk needs to be taken off & dual shotguns. Unrealistic in a military game! This is't halo!!

TU5K3N: @JD_2020 @pstjoker mods man mods. lean! jeeps (UO) punkbuster admin tools dediservers skins for my avatar

 j_almeida: @JD_2020 another thing the grenade launcher(noob tube) put it as perk slot cause people abuse that...hence (noob tube)

 dy75: @JD_2020 Hates commando, danger close, oma, boosting, crappy hit detection/lag likes host migration, killstreaks, overall feel & slickness

 marandmar: @JD_2020 LOVE: Nazi zombies, spec ops, co-op singleplayer campaign, cpt. Price, Reznov, involving and emotional campaign in MW2 and WaW

 magicfanejc42: @JD_2020 I <3 gaining pro perks titles(MORE!) emblems large weapon n attachment selection. Needs customizable chars n cammos 2 b added.

 EarnMyRespect: @JD_2020 Love: Simplicity. Hate: Over complicated stuff. Keep the playing ground fair a la COD2 Nothing over the top/extra, its stupid

 coolguyx1991: @JD_2020 The mp gore was amazing, as was the perk flak jacket, betties, most of all the flame thrower!!!!!!

 j_almeida: @JD_2020 dude pls keep the KS at only 3 or maybe 4!!!! MW2 KS killed the MP...secondly keep the perks simplistic...like you guys did in W@W

 huiyu22: @JD_2020 all the death perks, noob tubes and stupid spawns.

 D0ntT4seMeBr0: @JD_2020 Loved lobby leaderboards, loved backout with party, but didnt like how the match ended when host left

 Fengato: Need barebones playlist - no perks, attachments, streaks @JD_2020 #CODBlackOps

zBaCkFiR3: @JD_2020 less killstreaks (WaW) no stupid perks (commando) shotguns as primary, balanced weapons(cod3 was perfect), NO THERMAL, Barebones!!

 dM_92: @JD_2020 Loved the simplicity and level playing field in CoD2. Appreciated the new weapons in the new ones; dislike customizable killstreaks

 Fir3Fox_fr: @JD_2020 please add a zombie mode , it was one of the best thing in cod 5 moreover a lot of player wont be happy without a zombie ..

 coolguyx1991: @JD_2020 i love the voice acting in mp it was fun to hear your character or other holler out BA stuff!

 kingdude89: @JD_2020 ZOMBIES

 BigDogg01: @JD_2020 grenade launchers, unlimited run, & commando = very bad

 Icyanimal: @JD_2020 I liked how in WAW we could stay in a Xbox Live party and still play any playlist we wanted!

As you can see from this small slice of the pie, the likes and dislikes run the gamut from hating Commando and the frequently used "noob tubes", to loving zombie mode and pro perks.  It also looks like many of you yearn for a return to the simpler times, when it was just you and your gun.  

Although nothing has been confirmed, a Barebones mode that closely resembles the days of CoD2 without perks and killstreaks has been mentioned on the official Black Ops forums by the developers.  Keep your trigger fingers crossed and we may just see that come to fruition this November.

We have to say, from the personal interactions on Twitter to the in-depth Q&A on the official forums, it's great to see that Treyarch is extremely interested in making Black Ops an experience that we can all enjoy.  Whether it be removing a perk hated by the majority, offering dedicated servers for the PC community, or simply including functions like "leave with party", the outlook is extremely optimistic at this point.

With that said, head over to Twitter and speak your mind on multiplayer.  Simply send your tweet @JD_2020 and your voice will be heard.  It's as simple as that.

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  1. Huge props to Treyarch for listening to the community. They put Infinity Ward to shame in that regard.

  2. Respect to Tryarch - lets's hope this isn't just a publicity stunt and you actually listen!
    Dedicated servers for clans that play the PC version. Get rid of the perks full stop, the kit can be modified perks are a waste of time. Bring back lean, vehicles are a must to compete with BC2 COD:UO is a classic and you should try and make the game similar to that only with a modern twist. The modding/mapping community needs to be catered for too - where would Tryarch be without them?

  3. dedi servers, mods (maybe create a promod), lean, anti lag, normal sniper (not auto), and the most important thing is: i hope you will help the community's and not only create a game for the money.
    cod6 were the most successful game but as u can see it dont have any community's.

  4. Dedicated servers and mod tools. Give the communities a reason to want the game and we'll stay loyal. After all, some of the best ideas come from the modding community.

  5. Fix the sniping!!! No quick scopes, no scopes or drag scopes. Those should be 1 in a million shots not guaranteed headshots or at worst guaranteed kills. You should have to aim, hold your breath and fire. Not jump and spin and get a headshot. This nonsense is worse than commando or noob tube and those are horrible. Make sniping a skill and not a no-skill headshot. And please dont allow the wind off a sniper bullet or an RPG warrant a kill. I have been killed by sniper hit markers 6 feet behind me or an RPG fly 10 feet over my head, not explode but still kill me.

  6. I am so excited for the release of Black Ops. Zombie Mode looks amazing!


  7. Why did you take quick scopes out of Black Ops. Sniping is something that takes skill. Aiming in for even two seconds is skill. No, that is beyond easy. It takes skill to hit your target without even looking down your scope. I would much rather get quick scoped, then hit with a {noob toob}. You took away our SoH Pro, there is no need to take away our quick scoping. Please give us our quick scopes back.

  8. hey guys i got the map pack and i downloaded it and installed it when i open the store option the thing that came after the black ops update it says there are no items in the store at this time under the map packs column