Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Resurgence Of Modern Warfare 2

Not that Modern Warfare 2 needed a resurgence, given the fact that it continues to dominate the most played games lists.  In any case, a resurgence has come today in the form of the....Resurgence Map Pack.

This, the second map pack for Modern Warfare 2, looks to be quite different compared to the first content to release, the Stimulus Package.  From sprawling sniper havens to the mouth of a clown, the variety is deep.  After a bit of playtime, we're here to take a closer look at what these new maps are bringing us.

Thanks to our friend on Twitter @DannyTrose for providing the walkthrough video.

Starting off with Carnival, you're boots have hit the ground running in this deserted amusement park.  This map definitely has personality.  A bit larger than expected, the feel of the map is restricted by certain sections and locations.

A few of the landmarks that you'll be screaming over your headsets are the Funhaus, the merry-go-round, the rocket ship, the draw bridge, and the roller coaster.  As previously mentioned, although this map is of decent size, the separate locations really provide some great chokepoints that keep the intensity level high.  Keep an eye out for snipers in the rocket ship and campers perched on the second floor of the Funhaus.

Next up we have Fuel.  This vast map is situated in a sunny desert in the Middle East.  The first thing noticed in this map is that those of you that run-and-gun will want to alter your play a bit.  With an expansive layout and several multi-story buildings, the long range shooter will have the better chance on Fuel.  This layout also seems to slow the pace of a game down a bit as well, as much of your time will be spent on either finding a safe path or searching for a decent vantage point.

Last, but not least, Trailer Park.  This map plays exactly how you would imagine it to, as a chaotic rush among the maze-like layout of dilapidated trailers and downed airplanes.  This is where the run-and-gunners will shine.  While many firefights will be held around the above-ground pool in the center of the map, a great strategy will be to cover the perimeter while looking towards the interior for enemies.  With several trailers that surround many of the objective sites, a bomb planter will have to coordinate their approach wisely.

As you also know, CoD4 fan favorites Stike and Vacant have made a triumphant return as well.  No rundown required for those two though.  You know them, you love them.  They're as great in MW2 as they were in CoD4, and that's really at that needs to be said.

Feel free to leave your comments here on Twitter @WePlayCoD, or on Facebook with your thoughts on the new maps.  Have fun out there on the battlefields!


  1. Broadcast and Crossfire should come!!!

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  3. Resurgence Map Pack is FREE if you know where to look! I got the map for free from this place so get if before its gone.

  4. Haha i cant wait for a new call of duty to come out, I always drink a hott cup of coffee from mykeurig coffee maker and play the new games all night long!!