Monday, January 25, 2010

MW2 Gamers Earn £250,000 For Charity

A while back we revealed that all UK Xbox gamers playing Modern Warfare 2 on the 5th and 6th December 2009 would earn money for the War Child UK charity.

We now have the numbers showing that more than a million UK gamers took part in the GAME For Good event, which means a total of £250,000 has been raised! (LINK)

Thank you and well done.  Keep showing that great community support!

Over and out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seen and Heard v4: IW Developers On Modern Warfare 2

 We've got another round of comments from the Infinity Ward team regarding Modern Warfare 2.  We know you all can't be bothered to track down these posts, so we've done the hard work for you.

Most, if not all of this edition contains comments from your friendly IW Community Strategist, Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling on the IW forums.  It seems as if the rest of the team has been quiet since release, most likely due to the fact that they're busy with keeping our favorite game up and running at full speed...not to be confused with super speed. ;)

Alright, let's get into it...

In reply to a user asking where to find their save files for backup on the PC...

"You can find your Game Save at C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\players folder.

Copy / backup that entire folder" - 402 (link)

In reply to a user asking for an auto-balance feature that would balance teams when players leave an active match, as well as the user asking about the removal of the infamous "knife class" (Marathon, Lightweight, Commando)...

"We would never force someone in a game in progress onto a losing team if they're already part of a winning team simply to balance out the players. We will however balance out of the teams with players who drop into a game already in progress.

Knifing is just another way to play the game, just like solely using riot shield + secondary, or sniping. Variety of playstyles is a key to the design philosophy of MW2. Everyone has what they prefer and despise, but we won't completely remove any specific class style. There's no arguing with taste." - 402 (link)

In reply to a user questioning why there is no "vote to kick" option in public play...

"The mentality is that in a public game, no one "controls" the room. Meaning, it's a public room and anyone can join and have the right to join.

However, in Private Match, a kick option is given to the host because it is their "private" match." - 402 (link)

In reply to a PC user who had experienced a crash and SP stat reset...

"All of your data is kept in the C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\players folder. This includes saves, multiplayer, and singleplayer data.

I'd always recommend making a manual backup of your stats in another folder as well, as data corruption as a result of system failure can sometimes make save data unrecoverable.

Multiplayer data should be automatically backed up on Steam servers." - 402 (link)

In reply to a user who had asked where to provide feedback for MW2...

"Many places.

All feedback on THESE forums are read. They may not all be responded to, but they are read and put into consideration.

You can also use Twitter (either the @infinityward account or my personal @fourzerotwo account) to send feedback.

Lastly, you can email us at or my personal" - 402 (link)

In reply to a user who asked when IW planned to add dedicated server support to the PC community...

"I haven't been given any information on if and if so, when, dedicated server support will be added. As of right now, I know the team is still working on listening to feedback and improving IWnet. Our PC player counts are high, in the millions (overall not concurrently), so there are a lot of people to go to for feedback on performance, including all the feedback we get here.

And before you ask, YES! We do read it, even the vulgarity laced rants. It's all taken into consideration and if the decision to add in Dedicated Server support in additional to public IWnet matchmaking is ever made, I'll let you know." - 402 (link)

Also in reply to a dedicated server question, as well as the mention of hidden content already on the retail disc...

"If downloadable content was on the disc, then it wouldn't exactly be downloadable content, would it? I can see why that's illegal.

I assume the content you're referring to is files left on the disc from content that was cut from the final game. It's common for maps, playlists, or other assets used in features that were once intended, but later cut by the time release rolls around to be left on the disc for one reason or another (perhaps shared files, or just overlooked). Great example of that is when the PC version of COD4 came out and our PC community discovered loading screen screenshots of levels that weren't in the game. They rumored it to be future DLC then too.

In addition, those files were playlists, which we update dynamically and for free I might add anyways. We've never released playlists (game modes) as DLC and have already did three free playlist changes since launch (Mosh Pit, Hardcore HQ Pro, more FFA maps).

All the hub-bub about being charged for content "hidden" on disc, or the creation of IWnet was for the sole purpose of charging for DLC is all based on assumptions and paranoia. I can tell you, none of those aforementioned fears has EVER been discussed inside IW." - 402 (link)

In reply to questions regarding cheaters on the PC version of MW2, as well as general game updates...

"If you think the cheaters are the only ones subscribed to the subscriptions of new exploits, you'd be wrong. All those subscriptions do is broadcast out issues, which are addressed as quickly as possible and implemented into the Anti-cheat. Regretfully there is a delay between when an exploit is known and a code change can be made to prevent it / ban players exploiting it, but that delay is always getting less and less.

As for people playing with "cracked versions", we're working on solutions to prevent illegal players from matchmaking with legit players.

Despite your claims that it can't be stopped doesn't mean we'll stop fighting to stop it. We prevent new exploits and ban players everyday, and will continue to do so as well as continue to improve the system to minimize the occurrence and eventually eliminate it all together.

Regarding improvements unrelated to hacking / cheating, such as matchamking and party stability in-general; We're constantly play testing, obtaining user feedback, and looking at improvements that can be made to the system. I know Party stability is a major focus for the MP team." - 402 (link)

In reply to a user questioning the validity of a suspicious gamertag...

"It's a hack.

There is no one at Infinity Ward named Infinity Ward nor is there any good way to determine if someone is ACTUALLY an Infinity Ward employee from their gamertag or bio.

Sorry." - 402 (link)

Also in reply to a user questioning the "hidden" game modes found on the MW2 disc (GTW, VIP, etc.)...

"Playlists aren't DLC and not something we've ever charged for. Infact, we've done several playlist updates already since the game has been out which are completely free.

I don't know where this assumption that we hide stuff on discs so we can charge for it later comes from. We've never given any indication of that. Anything on the disc you don't find in game means it was cut from the final game but certain files related to it were never deleted. That's it, nothing more exciting than that really." - 402 (link)

In reply to a user considering boosting to unlock SitRep Pro (louder enemy footsteps)...

"I feel your pain. I'm currently on the same task of unlocking Sitrep Pro. Over 2 hours of Search and Destroy and I've destroyed only 1 claymore.

Thinking of heading into Free For All and using it to hunt Tactical Insertion boosters. At least then I'll be working towards my goal and cleaning up FFA." - 402 (link)

Playlist Update description...

"You may notice a playlist update today on Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3. This update adds preventative measures that restrict a recent "Chopper Gunner ammo for all weapons" hack from spreading into public matchmaking.

We'll continue to monitor and work to keep games as cheating free and fair as possible.

This specific hack isn't on PC, however banning cheaters via VAC on PC is a continual effort and focus of ours nonetheless." - 402 (link)

In reply to a user questioning the correlation between Prestige rank and matchmaking...

"No. Matchmaking is based on skill, not rank." - 402 (link)

In reply to a user asking for the implementation of a 15 second grenade launcher delay at the beginning of S&D rounds (ala CoD:WaW)...

"I agree. It's a suggestion I've passed on to the MP Design team. I'll let you know if it gets implemented.

I think it would be a great feature, especially in No Respawn playlists like Search and Destroy." - 402 (link)

In reply to a user that mentioned the ability of FMJ to penetrate a Riot Shield...

"Nothing penetrates a riot shield. Some probably thought they shot through it but really shot their foot / elbow or other extremity." - 402 (link)

In reply to a player who had become frustrated with aerial killstreak rewards...

"If you're having a hard time with Air Support I highly recommend using the Cold Blooded Perk that allows you to be undetectable by Killstreak Rewards as well as Thermal Scopes.

I personally always carry a launcher (typically Stinger or Javelin) as my Secondary to take care of Air Support as soon as it's called in, scoring me a nice point bonus as well as taking them out quickly for my team.

I also really like the suggestion of a Bare Bones Playlist, something I wanted in Call of Duty 4 that never saw fruition. Hopefully a playlist we can work on for MW2 at some point." - 402 (link)

That does it for this edition of Seen and Heard.  Hopefully you've learned a thing or two, or at the very least, realized that IW is out there answering your questions.  With that said, remember that if you ever have a question regarding MW2, don't hesitate to hit fourzerotwo up on the official IW forums (link) or on Twitter @fourzerotwo.  You can also check out Robert's Twitter feed for answers to other questions that he's been asked.

Happy fragging!