Friday, April 30, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Official Site + Release Date

We're keeping it short and sweet here.

Intentionally or unintentionally, the crew at Treyarch has pushed the official site for the next CoD installment to the public, and we've been given the official title and an official release date.

 Call of Duty: Black Ops will be hitting stores on November 9th, 2010.  The official site can be found at where you'll find a blog and pre-order tab.  This looks to be an extension of the Call of Duty HQ which was used and is still being used as the official site for Call of Duty: World at War.  The first blog posting reads as follows...

We at Treyarch are excited to reveal our latest development – Call of Duty: Black Ops! Be sure to head over to as more details begin to unfold! Follow @JD_2020 and @Treyarch on Twitter for the latest news & discussions regarding Black Ops.
Don't forget that Gametrailers TV will be airing the first trailer for Black Ops tonight on Spike @ 12:40am.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

WePlayCoD Forums Are Moving

First, let me start off by saying that I appreciate each and every one of you that have registered on our site since we first opened up last August.  We've had the chance to make many new friends, and we certainly hope that you have as well.

With that said, we've decided to move our forum section over to our friends at  Aside from being a great site with everything from a gaming news aggregate system to live chats, they're also extremely Twitter oriented which has been our main focus since day one.

We'll be working on transferring some of our threads/info over to the new section over the next few days.  In the meantime, head over to and get yourself signed up.  Our existing forum will remain open for another week or so, but we ask that you go ahead and start posting over at Aggregame starting today.  Below you'll find those important links you'll need to find us over there.

WePlayCoD Forum Section

WPC AggreTweet Channel w/ Live Chat

Don't forget that the very first trailer for Call of Duty 7 will premier tomorrow (Friday) night on Gametrailers TV on Spike @ 12:40am.  We're still working on having a live stream of the episode for those that may not have Spike TV.  Stay tuned to WPC on Twitter @WePlayCoD for more news regarding that and if we'll actually be able to make that happen over the next day.

Again, thank you each for supporting us and we hope to see you and your fragging friends over on Aggregame soon! 

Have a great weekend!

- MaTtKs

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Call of Duty 7 Reveal Trailer Coming Friday!

What's the one annual thing that we love to see every year? A new Call of Duty, of course!

There's been plenty of rumour and speculation but it looks like the official news is about to start rolling in. As you may well know, there's been a lot of Vietnam and Cold War rumours as well as the GKNOVA6 mystery (which our friends are CoDZ are great at unravelling) but now it's time to get the real information that we've all been waiting for.

What would you do if we said the first look at Call of Duty 7 will be shown THIS Friday? Pretty exciting huh? Well start getting excited because that's right, the first Call of Duty 7 teaser trailer will be shown on GametrailersTV this Friday! It's also worth noting that CoD:World at Wars Nazi Zombies was first shown on GametrailersTV back in 2008, a month before the game was released.

With plenty of Call of Duty 7 previews in many gaming magazines next month, it's safe to say that the Call of Duty 7 craze is about to begin.

What would you like to see in Call of Duty 7? What maps? The return of Zombies? What new perks would you introduce? Let us know via our Twitter and our Forums. Let your minds run wild!

~ Boyle111

Friday, April 23, 2010

More CoD7 Magazine Reveals + Cover Image

As we told you earlier this month, the month of May will bring us what looks to be an official reveal for the next installment to the Call of Duty franchise currently in development by Treyarch (CoD:WaW).  Both the Official Playstation Magazine and the Official Xbox Magazine will have details regarding CoD7 which is set to be released later in the year (Nov).

Today we've received word that yet another magazine will be bringing us the scoop on what Treyarch has been keeping under wraps on May 14th.  This Spanish magazine sent out emails regarding this story and the above image, which certainly looks Vietnam-esque to us.  We're willing to bet that this is an official image as well due to it's similarity to World at War's notorious "Helmet On Rifle" image, which we'll also show you below.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Day, Another CoD7 Clue

 As many of you know, the end of the week brought us another channel of clues and cryptic messages on the CoD7 viral site  With a bit of a community effort, things seem to have been unraveled and deciphered.  Our buddies over at MovieViral look to have a pretty complete breakdown of what's going on, so we'll let them explain in their own words...

"We posted an article a little earlier about the second transmission that appeared on The new video included a code that has since been deciphered as “Classified Announcement Sold,” however a commenter pointed out in our article it may very well be “Classified Announcement SOMD.” We have that classified announcement after the break.
The commenter, Justin, points out that we actually had the wrong answer to the code – off by one letter. Instead of “Sold” it’s “Somd”. That lead him to, a website for Southern Maryland (which is where the packages were sent from, coincidentally), basically used for local news, event planning and so on. The announcement was within this site. If you go to the site, click “Classifieds” > “Announcements” > “PSAs” > And then you’ll find it.
The classified announcement reads:
Posted by: Eve Reign on Friday, 9 April 2010, at 3:20 p.m.
You can find me at the Cheeping River. It’s near the Cheering Viper.
It still hasn’t been cracked – why Justin turned to us – so get working! We’ll be posting updates on this article as the come in, and make sure you follow me on twitter for the latest.
UPDATE 10:05PM: MrToasty deciphered the code using the key “sputnik”:
So, that’s:
38.951796, -77.146586 – CIA Headquarters
38.744281, -104.846806 – NORAD
32.943889, -106.419444 – White Sands (Missile Complex)
38.89767, -77.03655 – White House
55.751667, 37.617778 – Ivanovskaya ploshchad, Russian Federation" - SOURCE

To consolidate these findings a bit, let's just say that it looks like we are definitely going to be dealing with a Cold War setting, and as was the case in CoD's of past, some baddies with weapons of mass destruction and some very bad intentions.  Stay tuned as things unfold.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Call of Duty 7 Reveal Next Month

That's right ladies and gentlemen, we've just received word that the Official Playstation Magazine will officially reveal Call of Duty 7 in all of it's badass glory in next months installment.

No word on what exactly this reveal with delve into, but it looks like we'll be finding out exactly what we've all been waiting for as far as a setting goes judging from the "60's style hand grenade" found on this months teaser.

* Update * It also looks like OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) will have a reveal piece for Call of Duty in their next installment, dropping May 14th.

"And, seeing as the cat's out of the bag... issue 60 of OXM, out 14th May, will have the first details of the new Call of Duty." - @OXMUK

Stay tuned for more info as it releases.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Possible Call of Duty 7 News Coming Soon?

Here's the deal.  A few of us in the CoD community received a mysterious package in the mail today.  This package contained a single USB flash drive.

Upon loading this flash drive, we were met with a text file and an MP3 file which was very similar to the radio transmissions found in World at War's zombie mode.  The text file consisted of the following -Cryptography; Isotope; Philanthropy; Hydrogen; Ember; Rebirth.  Using our heads, we saw that those words created the single word CIPHER.  That meant we had some investigating to do.   The following is the MP3 file that was also included...


After scratching our heads for a few minutes, we were given a link to Joystiq, who also received this mysterious package and had already finished the dirty work for us.  Here's what they had to say....

"Sneaky marketers take note: Joystiq is likely to become entangled in elaborate and possibly regrettable alternate reality games on slow news days.

Today, we received an unmarked USB storage device in a mysterious, unmarked envelope. The drive held a simple text file, with the following words: Cryptography; Isotope; Philanthropy; Hydrogen; Ember; Rebirth. Oh, this one's easy! Cryptography; Isotope; Philanthropy; Hydrogen; Ember; Rebirth. Cipher! But for what?

An audio file embedded on the same drive offered only some electronic voices, a sequence of letters and numbers read by a female voice -- M O D [sound of 3 chimes] Z Z Z J N Q R Y D 3 F R P -- and some words spoken by a man: "What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also," followed by, "Don't believe everything you see."

The identity of the man speaking may be impossible to determine, but you might recognize the person he's quoting initially: Julius Caesar. Using a Caesar cipher, and assuming that "mod" and the sound of 3 chimes signaled a shift of 3 letters, we ended up with "W W W G K N O V A 6 COM." That led to a mysterious website, featuring a small, adjustable television set.

More codes and quotes! As best as we and our partner Google can determine, the quote emanating from the television is from Francis Bacon and -- yes, that's right. Bacon Cipher. It's less delicious than it sounds.

The audio message on the website simply spells out "Nova Six" over and over, but some of the letters are spoken by a male, whereas other are spoken by a female. Bacon's method of steganography is used to hide messages within plain sight, usually with different type faces. We assumed that the male and female voices offered a similar method of obfuscation, and converted each male letter to "A" and each female letter to "B."

At the very end, a voice utters, "Hell is purple." Et voila: Purple Hell offers an automatic converter for the "Baconian Cipher." After plugging in our converted string of letters, we received this confirmation:


Here is the video found on the GKNOVA6 site.  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter @WePlayCoD.

So there you have it, "APRIL WEEK TWO".  The team over at Joystiq seemed to think that this was in regards to Fallout, but we know better.  Considering a few of us in the CoD community were specifically targeted to receive this message, it's safe to assume that our friends at Treyarch have something up their sleeves next week....AND WE CAN'T WAIT!  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pay To Play CoD7?

Reports are now swirling with grumblings regarding Activision's move to charge a monthly fee for PC players AS WELL AS console players for their next installment to the Call of Duty franchise.

Recent reports pointed towards the PC community as the only ones being burdened with the monthly fee, but trusted sources inside Activision have now begun leaking reports regarding the console involvement in this debacle.  As of now, it looks to be a $10 monthly subscription fee for all platforms.  Although this will not be a mandatory fee in order to play, ponying up the coin will net you more weapons, character skins, multiplayer maps, and most interesting, what is said to be "superior matchmaking".  What exactly is meant by "superior matchmaking" is unknown at the moment.

A recent quote from Activision's Bobby Kotick all but cements this recent unraveling of events....

"With players downloading the recent Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC in droves, paired with the  many requests for DLC including additional content, we strongly believe that a paid subscription could very well work for those hardcore players looking to gain an edge over their fellow players." - Bobby Kotick

We have contacted both Treyarch and Activision on this matter and will update with any reply we receive.