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WePlayCoD Forums Now Open!

That's right.  You asked for it, now we present the WePlayCoD forums.  Think of it as the Twitter and blog, blown up without the 140 character limit.

Our main focus is to connect Call of Duty players on Twitter, and the forums are another great tool to further that connection.  As is the case with our Twitter, we support all Call of Duty news, player chat, and users in search of teammates/opponents. 

We have dedicated sections for CoD4, CoD:WaW, and the upcoming CoD:MW2.  Within these sections you will find news, information, general discussion, as well as each section's own "Teammate Finder" section where you'll be able to connect with other players in order to meet up in-game and own some n00bs :).

You'll also a notice a chatbox at the bottom of our forums where you'll be able to chat it up with myself and other WePlayCoD supports/CoD fans. 

This is a community project, with the community helping mold what we will become.  Any and all feedback is accepted and encouraged.  Let us know if there is anything at all that might make the WePlayCoD experience more enjoyable.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Square-Enix to publish MW2 in Japan

Well it looks like Japanese publisher Square-Enix will be backing Modern Warfare 2 in Japan.  That is, if their homepage is a good indicator of this story being true.

Activision announced last year that it would be closing it's Japanese doors.  This is most likely the reason for the change in publisher for the land of the rising sun.  Enjoy MW2 Japan!  We sure will!


New Modern Warfare 2 perk trailer set for Septmber 1st!

Unfortunately, the hungry Modern Warfare 2 fans won't be seeing the fabled Perk Trailer as was originally "aimed" to release this week (per fourzerotwo).

The IW CM has now said that the trailer will be released next Tuesday, September 1st. The good news is that this should give IW more time to make our jaws drop even closer towards the ground. - You're looking at a raw unedited capture of MP footage. Good news. We're releasing it that way! Bad news? Not till Tuesday -fourzerotwo

In the meantime, here's a screenshot of raw footage from the upcoming trailer.

Tell us what you see here?  Thoughts on what the perk may be?  Maybe what you're hoping it will be?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay From GameCrazy Convention!

Check out this footage of MW2 live gameplay from this weeks GameCrazy convention. We give it two thumbs up.  Epic gameplay, epic music, epic game.

...and here is a leaked picture of the Akimbo (dual-wield) in action.  We're thinking these are dual Desert Eagles.

Feel free to leave your comments on the videos in our comment section or in our shoutbox. ------------>

PSM3 Modern Warfare 2 Oct Issue (Info + Screenshots)

Here is a bit of Modern Warfare 2 info from the October edition of PSM3 magazine.

A highlight of CoD4's multiplayer has always been the unlocked one-time-use special abilities that can be accessed after uninterrupted killing streaks of three, five, and seven people- granting you UAV satellite data on enemy locations, an air strike and a helicopter gunship. Well now there's more on offer; you can select your death-spree rewards before entering the game. "You can have a three killstreak of a fifteen killstreak if you want, so something like the AC-130 is one of the highest killstreaks you can select." Explains Community Manager Robert Bowling. "You take control of that and can fire down for thirty seconds, blow guys up." As suck new players who haven't quite got the grasp of affairs can enter the fray with rewards associated with smaller strings of kills, while more established players can stick with the high-end super-power weapons reserved for the more almighty among us.

When playing through the Favela in Spec Ops co-op mode, where choice cuts of the main game can be sampled in a twosome either in split-screen or over the internet, the results are just as engaging. Earmarked as an "Elimination" mission you're tasked with taking out 40 Al-driven militia-men. Though it features a Left 4 Dead style companion rescue system, the way the game plays us pure and uncompromised Modern Warfare. This said, there are subtle differences. It's immediately obvious that the AI being paraded around the level are far in advance of their equivalents in CoD4 - they're far less tied to cover, and much more liable to take advantage of the level's cut-throughs and side-alleys to sneak behind you. Because of this, and the sandbox nature of the Spec Ops mode, the relentless forward push of the traditional CoD "war corridor" evaporates - the game feels more like a grim co-op survival. Another tangible change, small as it may sound, is the fact that grenades have been gifted the effects of physics - meaning they'll roll around post-lob, and even back towards you if you toss it up.

Five Spec Ops missions will be open to you when you first boot up the game, and you'll earn stars as you complete each one - with three on offer for the completion of the hardest difficulty, two for the middling one and a measly one should you plump for a simpler experience. Once the stars start pouring in further mission bands will open themselves up to you, going from the five-level strata of Alpha(easy), Bravo, Charlie, and Delta all the way to the summit of Echo's three level escapade of intense bullet torture. Contained within these will be the aforementioned Elimination and a few snowmobile time trials, but also scenes in which you and your buddy must fend of wave after wave of enemies with well-placed claymore mines and sniper rifles in the fashion of CoD4's Pripyat finale. Another whispered game style, meanwhile, will have on player high above in an AC-130 gunship taking out buildings and infantry with bleak monochrome visuals and inhuman battle-chatter, while the other dashes around an more explosive battlefield.

Click the images below to enlarge.


GamerZine Modern Warfare 2 Interview (Part3)

The third and final part of GamerZine's interview with IW community manager Robert Bowling (402) has hit the internet. In this section of the interview, 402 touches on new "upgraded" perks, online cheaters, and level caps. See you in 24 hours.

GamerZines: Are there any new additions to the perk system? Will there be more custom class slots than in Modern Warfare, and will you use the World at War idea of unlocking an extra class slot each time you go prestige?

Bowling: We've made extensive additions to the perk system and create-a-class system as a whole. As I've stated, you can now customize killstreak rewards, so your reward for multiple kills without a death can be customized to how you like to play. For example, I forego any 3 Killstreak or 5 killstreak and focus on the bigger payoffs for longer killstreaks. This new addition along with the ability to rank up Perks from their base benefit to an upgraded Pro version with additional bonuses allows you to really customize your Classes to your preferred play style per gametype. For example, for objective gametypes I like to focus on upgrading perks and customizing killstreaks, which allow me a lot of speed, mobility, and ability to get to objectives quickly and hold off enemies from defusing, planting or securing objectives, where my TDM / Free for All classes are focused purely on staying alive longer and taking enemies down quicker.

GZ: How will you deal with online glitchers and cheaters - for example, those with autofire joypads, or the hip-firing snipers you often find?

RB: We stay extremely connected to our community on a real-time basis. I credit a lot of that to our presence on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook where we can get instant reports from our players. Recently Call of Duty 4 had an outbreak of hackers who determined how to enable UFO mode (which allows players to fly freely through the air). Immediately upon receiving reports of it happening from a community member on Twitter Friday night, I had him invite me to his lobby, check it out for myself, text the programmers, and have an updated playlist which prevented it from happening by Monday morning. Whether it's an issue or suggestion, we've got our ear to the ground for what's coming. Modded Controllers with a Rapid Fire ability have been addressed, a fix that is already in Modern Warfare 2 and one that is being snuck into Call of Duty 4.

GZ: Treyarch raised the level cap to 65 for World at War's multiplayer, over CoD 4's 55. Are you looking to raise the level cap further for MW2?

RB: We're not taking any pages out of World at War's book. We're crafting a special and unique experience for Modern Warfare 2 players that I don't want to spoil too much. Definitive numbers like max level cap, complete weapon lists, and number of new perks is something I don't want to ruin and save for when the player ranks up and sees they're constantly receiving new rewards for it, whether that's a new weapon, perk, killstreak unlock, or item for their callsign.

GZ: Finally, what are your hopes for Modern Warfare 2? Can you see it surpassing GTA IV as the biggest entertainment launch in history?

RB: We never set such expectations on ourselves on the developer side. Our only goal is to make a fun game that our community will love and we are proud of. We're confident we will achieve that, anything beyond that is always humbling.


Hans Zimmer (Dark Knight) To Score Modern Warfare 2 #MW2

*Update- It's official and we were right. Zimmer is indeed composing the MW2 score*

Thanks to a little bit of digging, we've found what we to believe to be evidence that the award-winning composer Hans Zimmer will be composing the score for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Listed on his agency's website is a portfolio with Zimmer's work, from Dark Knight to Rain Man. At the bottom of this portfolio is a listing of Zimmer's video game contributions, with one of those being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
(Video Game contributions on Page 10 of 10)

Check out the SP footage of "Cliffhanger" for a taste of the music found in Modern Warfare 2.

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Tracking Call of Duty chatter on Twitter

Since WePlayCoD is built around the #weplaycod hashtag functionality, we thought it would be nice to show you a couple of our favorite tools that will allow you to easily keep track of what all of your CoD teammates are chattering about out there on the Twitter battlefields.

First we'll start with the Twitter search function. Easy enough. Simply enter "#weplaycod" in the Twitter search field and you'll be brought to the results of what we're all talking about. Basic, short, and sweet.
Twitter Search- #weplaycod

Next we'll show you the #weplaycod Tweetchat room. This is a direct link to Twitter and will bring you to your own personal room that will show all tweets that include the #weplaycod hashtag. From there you'll be able to @reply, retweet, favorite, and customize your room to your likings. Still a bit basic, but very streamlined.

#WePlayCoD Tweetchat Room-

Now time for one of our favorite hashtag tools, Twubs. We now have our own Twub #weplaycod profile where anyone can visit and see a complete list of info that comes from the #weplaycod hashtag. That includes any links, screenshots, videos, etc that may be included in your CoD tweets. Not only can you see any and all info that comes from our hashtag, but you can see our top tweeters, view the blog RSS feed, get your very own embeddable #weplaycod widget, and more all while having the Twitter functionality in one place. This gets our top vote.

#WePlayCoD Twub Page-

We hope you'll find these tools useful, informative, or at the very least, entertaining. For those looking to spread your CoD word while tracking others CoD words, you should find these tools to be a neat addition. Thanks to all of you who have supported us! We look forward to continuing to bring CoD players on Twitter together!

Don't forget to use the #weplaycod hashtag in all of your CoD related tweets!

#MW2 GamerZine Interview Part Deux

Check out part two of GamerZine's MW2 interview with 402 where they delve a bit further into multiplayer, weapons, and new features.

Yesterday it was about open levels and familiar faces. Today it's Killstreaks, weapons and vehicles. Robert Bowling spills a few more beans about Modern Warfare 2 in the second part of our exclusive interview. Read on to find out more about the game that's set to be the biggest entertainment release ever.

GamerZines: Can you tell us anything about the new weapons which are set to appear in the game? Will we get to control new vehicles in the single-player game?

Robert Bowling: We focused on having a large variety of weapons in every category for the player to choose from, in addition to a large number of new attachments to customize those weapons even further to your play style. A lot of the new weapons were spawned from balancing the multiplayer of the game. We added Customizable Killstreaks to MP, like the ability to call in an user-controlled AC-130 gunship overhead, which required something with the ability to take it down, along with many of the other airborne killstreaks. That logic led to the inclusions of dedicated launchers, like the AT4 or stinger. In addition, we have a bunch of new assault rifles like the FAMAS and ACR, sub machine guns like the new variant of the MP5 called the MP5k which is shorter and faster. And a larger variety of pistols, including automatic ones like the Glock.

GZ: Some of the most well-received moments in the first game were those which offered something a little different from previous Call Of Duty games. Will we see slower-paced, more stealth-led stages like Pripyat in Modern Warfare 2?

RB: Modern Warfare 2 has new experiences around every corner and in every mission. Choose a more stealthy and subtle approach or go in guns-blazing - a lot of the levels can be played either way. Cliffhanger is a perfect example of that, where it builds up with the infiltration of the enemy facility by scaling the mountain side. Once you get in you have the option to use the low visibility to your advantage as Cpt. MacTavish provides thermal over watch from above and you sneak up on unsuspecting guards patrolling, or fight your way through as 'Soap' calls out enemy positions. Regardless of what you choose, there is a moment when the whole base becomes alerted to your presence and you get that classic run-and-gun action leading up to an epic action movie experience of escaping via snowmobile downhill while being pursued by enemies on their own snowmobiles as their air support fires down on you. In addition there are certain levels which are completely dedicated to that slower-paced style as well.

GZ: The inclusion of vehicles in the multiplayer in World at War wasn't well received, and there are fears that they could upset the delicate balance of Modern Warfare's online modes. Can you confirm whether vehicles will feature in the multiplayer, and if so, how have you ensured they don't unbalance the game?

RB: We never put vehicles in multiplayer. Our focus is on fast-paced infantry combat, where you're never reliant on transportation. We do have expanded Killstreak Rewards now, some of which are user-controlled. For example, where you previously could call in UAV, Airstrikes, and Helicopter Support but had no control on how helpful they were, there are many more options which allow you to take control of the gunner or control its success a bit more for a limited time. Such as the AC130 gunship where you can fire any of the three weapons on it during its limited time in the air.

The final part of our interview goes live tomorrow, where we talk about new perks, how Infinity Ward will be dealing with online cheaters, and a very interesting response to a question about level caps. See you in 24 hours...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mad Catz MW2 Accessories Lineup #MW2

As many of you that closely follow all things CoD may know, yesterday marked the reveal of the full lineup of MW2 licensed accessories from Mad Catz. Get ready to deck yourself out in full MW2 glory! Let us know which MW2 accessories you'll be picking up!

*Update- IGN brings us a hands-on preview of the Mad Catz lineup.*

Modern Warfare 2 Combat Controllers (Xbox 360 and PS3)
A specialized controller for Modern Warfare 2, the Combat Controller will incorporate rubber grips and a soft-touch finish for prolonged frag sessions. Additionally the controller will include two buttons toward the rear of the controller, which allows players to remap action buttons or thumbstick commands on the fly, allowing users to relocate melee or sprint commands to rear buttons for added control. As an aesthetic touch, the Combat Stick will feature thumbstick backlighting and a durable braided USB cable for extra visual panache. Aside from the clear visual variations, the PS3 controller will depart from the Xbox 360 design in that it utilizes a 2.4GHz wireless system with internal rechargeable battery for up to 60 hours of gameplay.

Both variations of the Modern Warfare 2 Combat Controller will retail for $49.99.

Modern Warfare 2 Throat Communicator (Xbox 360)
The MW2 Throat Communicator's design is taken directly from military designs and reduces background noise by providing direct contact communication. Additionally, the Throat Communicator will finish authentic graphics and will be fully compatible with the Xbox 360 controller and the Combat Controller from Mad Catz.

The Throat Communicator will have an MSRP of $29.99.

Modern Warfare 2 Bluetooth Headset (PS3)
The Modern Warfare 2 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth Technology is a headset specialized for use with the PlayStation 3 but can also be paired with a host of Bluetooth enabled devices. The headset will feature similar graphics to the throat communicator and utilizes Bluetooth 2.0 technology.

The Modern Warfare 2 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth Technology will be available for $39.99.

Modern Warfare 2 Combat GamePad, Mice, and Keyboards (PC)
PC gamers will also be getting the love from Mad Catz with the company offering four new MW2-geared products, including a Combat GamePad, Sniper Mouse, Combat Keyboard, and Elite Keyboard. The Combat GamePad will feature Modern Warfare 2 artwork, four action buttons, four trigger buttons, and an eight-way D-pad. The GamePad will be preprogrammed for MW2, however, it will also ship with software that allows users to reprogram the action buttons to suit their personal preference. The GamePad will be fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP and retail for $24.99.

The Modern Warfare Sniper Mouse is a precision mouse geared toward FPS games and incorporates a weight cartridge that allows users to add or subtract included weights to match their preference. Like the GamePad, the Sniper Mouse includes software for programming the function buttons and will be emblazoned with custom MW2 art. The Sniper Mouse will cost $49.99.

The two keyboards offered by Mad Catz for MW2 include a Combat Keyboard and an Elite Keyboard. The Combat Keyboard is the more affordable of the two at $49.99, and will include anti-ghosting, Windows key lock, media keys for volume and playback control, and a weighted base. The Elite Keyboard, on the other hand, is based on the Cyborg keyboards line and will have all sorts of bells and whistles, including multi-color keyboard backlighting, adjustable brightness controls, Tru-Vu illumination for ambient lighting with colors ranging from red to amber to green. Additionally, the Elite Keyboard will have a touch-sensitive dashboard for media controls, and independent illumination settings for the WASD, cursor, and number pad keys for added visual recognition. Other features include twelve programmable macro keys, durable metal plated key caps, and gold-plated USB and microphone input passthrough. Like the other PC accessories, the Elite Keyboard is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP and will include custom programming software. The Elite Keyboard will cost $99.99.

Modern Warfare 2 Skins and Faceplates
For those who want to deck their gaming gear out with Modern Warfare 2 art, Mad Catz is also offering a series of custom console skins, faceplates, and controller faceplates. The company will be producing controller faceplates emblazoned with official art from Infinity Ward in a high gloss finish for both PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. Also available this November will be custom MW2 Faceplates and Console Skinz for Xbox 360, which will again, feature licensed art for $29.99.

...and here's a new Spec Ops screenshot to boot. Will we be taking a dip in the waters?

MW2 Dual-Wielding Details (Not New Perk) #MW2

As many of you know, 402 recently divulged the fact that dual-wielded pistols would make an appearance in Modern Warfare 2. What we didn't know were the details or even if our hands would be full of pistols in multiplayer.

Now we have more details thanks to a few posts on the official IW forums. These details include the fact that dual-wielding will be a multiplayer feature, it will be limited to sidearms, and you will not be able to aim down the sights while dual-wielding.

Akimbo is NOT the perk in the new MP trailer this week.

I was presenting a singleplayer mission at the GameCrazy show this morning on stage and happened to walk over a body that had Akimbo (dual wield side arm), therefore the icon for the weapon popped up on screen and the room went crazy with chants demanding I pick it up and use it.

So I did.

Happened to be dual Deagles. Now to calm some initial fears of "OMG! Overpowered!". Akimbo is limited and balanced, just like EVERYTHING in the game. It's limited to sidearms, harder to aim than standard and you can't go ADS (aim down sights) since you have a weapon in each hand; Among other balancing techniques, so don't freak out before you see it in action.

It's cool.

I promise you though, we're not going sci-fi or completely changing what Modern Warfare is all about. It's still about the fast paced, infantry focused combat that we all love. We don't have jetpacks and shields. Once you play the game with all the new perks, attachments, weapons, killstreaks, features, gear, and other surprises it all comes together perfectly.

I plan to back that up with plenty of MP videos and details as we get closer to launch, the latest one coming out this week so you're up to speed on what to expect on November 10th.

Share your thoughts on dual-wielding by commenting below, leaving a message in our shoutbox, or tweeting us on Twitter.

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Modern Warfare Mobilized Details (DS)

If you're one of the millions of DS players and happen to enjoy a good FPS, look no further. Modern Warfare returns to the DS.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized contains a completely unique storyline with 16 separate levels where players will assume the roles of US Marines and the British SAS.

The game's setting will take place in South America, Russia, and the Middle East.

The controls are said to be to fairly common among other DS FPS games "the radar screen on the DS' bottom screen to aim and the D-Pad or face buttons to move. The shoulder buttons let you fire and you could change weapons, reload and zoom in your scope by touching different parts of the screen."

One of the modes recently highlighted took place in the gunner seat of the infamous AC-130, allowing the player to use one of three guns to pick off ground targets.

MW Mobilized will also have mini-games, an arcade mode, and a survival mode. You'll also be able to compete against other players via LAN or Wi-Fi in 9 separate multiplayer game modes across eight maps. The game will include 20 different weapons and achievement-like awards.


RT Giveaway- CoD4:MW Sticker/Patch Packs

We'll be giving away two CoD4:MW Sticker/Patch swag packs today to two random (following) RT'ers via Twitter.

Once this post is fed to Twitter you can go ahead and begin your RT'ing. You must be following WePlayCoD to be eligible.

Don't forget to include the #weplaycod hashtag in all of your CoD related tweets. This allows others to easily find you through any of the several hashtag tracking services available for Twitter.

Visit the #weplaycod Tweetchat room here.

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Will MW2 be the best selling game...EVER?

If you put any weight in Gamestop's Executive VP, Tony Bartel, then MW2 just may smash records and be the best-selling title of all time.

That's what Mr. Bartel told his share-holders recently when speaking at their quarterly earnings report. That may be a tough feat given the wildly popular Nintendo title, Wii Play has reached over 11 million copies sold in the US. If we're counting bundled titles, Wii Sports is sitting at 24 million copies in the US alone.

That's a lot of Modern Warfare to move, but it's definitely attainable. With the current state of the economy, many gamers are purchasing less games while waiting for "the one". If MW2 is to be "the one" for most of you, this could certainly be the biggest title the gaming industry has ever seen. It wouldn't hurt if we all had a little more change in our pockets though.

Let us know what you think. Leave us a comment below or shout it out in our shoutbox. --------->


Friday, August 21, 2009

MW2 Special Ops Info

Special Ops levels are broken down by difficulty, type of play and type of enemies you will be facing. The start up screen for the mission shown today listed the level's estimated completion time as 1 minute and 30 seconds, classified it as an assault mission and noted that the estimated opposition would be "heavy."

Players can go through the level by themselves, with a friend online or on a single, split screen. They can choose to play the levels in regular, hardened or veteran difficulty. The harder the difficulty, the more stars earned.

Those stars, we were told, can be used later to unlock more content in the game.

The missions we were shown started in a dingy brick-walled room. The player was able to decide which weapons he wanted to use from a the selection strewn around the room. When the player was ready to start they walked up to a demolition charge attached to one wall and pressed a button.

The time starts when the wall blows in. That initial explosion sent a nearby enemy rocketing backward through the air. Time slowed for a second as a player squeezed off two shots into the airborn enemy and then turned to shoot another nearby and slightly dazed foe.

After that momentary slowdown, game play returned to full speed.

The objective in this particular mission, which we watched being played by a single gamer, was to survive a dash through dilapidated tiled rooms. Enemies swarmed in from the other end of the room, snaking around stalls as others charged down second floor hallways and started to target the player with red laser sites.

The first time through the gamer died was about a minute and a half in with 17 kills. The second time it took him two minutes and one second to work his way through the rooms, take down 22 enemies and escape through a hole in the floor of the far room. A couple of enemies were still standing when he dropped from view.


With this new information on the Special Ops mode, I'd also like to include some info from 402 when first speaking about the mode about some specific levels that will be included.....

Examples Bowling provided were a snowmobile race, a water-based fight alongside Navy SEALS, or a fight against a rush of 50 enemies.


Modern Warfare (Wii) Co-op Explained

In the Wii's Modern Warfare Squad Mate mode, a second player can use a second remote to fire off shots at enemies, but has no control of the movement and only their reticule will appear on the screen.

It's kind of like a shooter's version of Co-Star Mode, the cooperative two-player option in Super Mario Galaxy that had one gamer playing while the other fired off stars to help out the main gamer.

"It's like Super Mario Galaxy's support mode," said Daniel Suarez, executive producer for the game. "I can drop in and out at any time during the entire single-player campaign. I can pick up weapons, reload and support the main character."

While playing as a Squad Mate, the main player's gun remains jutting from the center of the screen. The secondary player has a different colored reticule that can be used for aiming and shoot. During scenes where the screen is zoomed in, such as for sniping or when using a mounted weapon, the secondary player can't shoot.

There are very few other differences between the Wii version of the title initially released for consoles two years ago.

"Everything that was in Modern Warfare is in here," he said. "We have not left anything out, it's undiluted. All of the single player maps down to the number of AI are there."

Online multiplayer includes all of the same maps and modes, the same experience system and ranking and the unlockables. The Wii version will have some changed in online play, including a decrease to a maximum of ten players online.

The online mode will also support host migration, which means that if the host of an online match disconnects the game won't end. Suarez said the they've also included the ability to import your list of friends from the Wii into the game so you can see if they are playing the game when you are and invite them into a match directly without having to reenter their friend codes.

"Our hope is that it will have the same addictive nature of playing online on the Wii as the original does," he said.

To bring the game over from the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to the Wii the team at Treyarch had to spend a significant amount of time optimizing and improving the engine last used to create Call of Duty: World at War.

"We did lots of optimization," Suarez said. "It improved the overall experience of the game. It has better texture optimization, optimized fire effects and explosions."

The Wii title also supports the same sort of fully customizable controls first seen in Wii shooter The Conduit.

"Since Conduit people want to be able to customize their controls," he said. "So we've given them the developer's tool box. You can change everything."

Watching Suarez and another developer play through the Sins of the Father level, the game certainly captured the feel of the original Modern Warfare and included all of the audio and cut scenes.

The colors seemed a bit washed out, but Suarez later told me that he though that was a product of the television not the game. I did notice that many of the straight lines in the game were jagged.

The game's explosions and weapons fire looked fantastic. Suarez says the game runs at a consistent 30 frames per a second.

"Our goal is for people who own a Wii and have never played this game on another console before to buy it," he said. "We think there is a large group of people who haven't played Modern Warfare."


Modern Warfare 2 Voice Cast + Screenshots

Yesterday 402 (IW Comm Mgr) announced via his Twitter a handful of voice actors who will be lending their pipes to Modern Warfare 2. Here's the lineup of confirmed actors so far....

Craig Fairbass (Gaz from CoD4, Cliffhanger)-

Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy, Rome)-

Keith David (Gamer, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick)-

Barry Pepper (The Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan)-

402 also posted these screenshots via his blog showing IW's new texture streaming capabilities that will allow for much larger and detailed environments.

Last, but not least...we've found two screenshots floating around the net (click image to enlarge). Enjoy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

AggreTweet Private Beta Now Active!

"Find what's currently abuzz in the gaming community with AggreTweet's LIVE feeds, performance charts, and user / topic trending."

That's right, the awesome AggreTweet beta is now open to select individuals and ready to track all of your favorite games from Twitter. You'll be able to view (in real-time) any and all gaming tweets from one place. Once you're past the AggreTweet hub which is a feed of all games being talked about on Twitter, you'll be able to select a single game and enter into that game's own feed, which also includes it's very own chat room so you and other fans can talk about that particular game. You'll also be able to view feeds by user as well among many other things.

For details and entry, register at Aggregame today and prepare to have your mind blown! Beta codes should be rolling out daily, so don't miss your chance to get in on the early action!

Check out the BASH podcast video below for in-depth and hands on coverage of Aggretweet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WePlayCoD on Xbox Live and PSN!

With the hopes of furthering the specific relationship between CoD players on Twitter and CoD players on Xbox Live/Playstation Network, we've started official WePlayCoD accounts with the sole purpose of connecting our followers with each other while in-game.

For Xbox users, simply send a friend request via Xbox Live to "WePlayCoD" and you're good to go. You can also visit this link to add us from your PC or mobile device-

Add us on Xbox Live here!

Once you're accepted on Xbox Live you will be able to view our friends list and see who is online, what they're playing, and invite other WePlayCoD followers to party up in your favorite titles.

The PSN side of things are being worked on as far as abilities go. You'll be kept updated on that.

We hope to see you all on the battlefields! As always, remember to use the #weplaycod hashtag with your CoD tweets!

*Users must remain active to stay on the WePlayCoD friends list. Also, no worries PS3 players. We're working on yours as well. ;)*

Modern Warfare 2 GamesCom News *updated*

Here is the latest news, info, and footage to be released out of the Games Convention taking place this year. I'll update this post with any more info that may release.

-Activision says no MP beta for MW2 (unconfirmed).
-Update. 402 speaks out on CVG beta rumors.

IGN Special Ops Preview
The mode is broken into different groups of missions, and for the demo in the Charlie group called Breach and Clear which is meant to be a high-intensity but brief segment of gameplay in the vein of something like the mile high club in Call of Duty 4. Regular, hardened, and veteran difficulties are available, and you earn stars by completing the mission on each difficulty setting, with veteran earning you three. These stars are then used to unlock more special ops missions. The Charlie group is the third group of missions, so they're more difficult, so the Infinity Ward player set it to regular.

The objective in breach and clear is simply to survive and make it to the end point of the level. There's a section in the beginning you can choose from a few different weapons strewn about on the ground, reminiscent of Left 4 Dead. After a red dot scope assault rifle was chosen, a charge was placed on a wall and the action kicked into gear. An explosion busted apart the wall and a slow motion effect took over to give the player a better look at the initial guards. Firing grenades from the launcher mounted under the gun, the slow motion effect wore off as enemies poured into what seemed to be a shower room that looked almost identical to the one from The Rock. Enemies took cover on the ground behind walls and fired from a balcony above, with laser sights making their line of sight more obvious.

Also in the stage was a riot shield, which could be picked up and used as mobile cover to enter into crowded rooms. It could also be used as a melee weapon, bumping into enemies to stun them, and slamming into them again to knock them out for good. Stun grenade detonations and melee knife kills rounded out the fight.

Then the demo player dropped down a hole in the floor and the stage was over. A stat screen showed the total run time had been two minutes, 20 kills were made, and the demo was over. While Infinity Ward isn't yet saying how many missions are being included in the game, it seems like there'll be quite a few. Unfortunately no details were made available concerning the rest of the single-player campaign or multiplayer, so we'll have to wait for more.

-New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Wii) Screenshots.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WePlayCoD Giveaways!

First I'd like to thank all of you who have signed up for our new group Direct Message feature. We'll be starting to regularly use this in the near future and will be releasing details on that soon.

*Congrats @sportfan91 for winning the official Call of Duty: World at War hat in our first DM group giveaway!*

Tonight we'll be choosing one of you who are participating in our DM group to win an official Call of Duty: World at War hat from the WePlayCoD swag vaults. Those who have signed up should be receiving your DM shortly regarding tonight's giveaway. Don't worry if you've not signed up yet as we'll be signing you up from now on. Simply reply to us with your country and we'll add you to our groups.

We've also just received word that CoD community member Camping_Soldier will be giving away 800 Microsoft points to a lucky winner once WePlayCoD has reached 1000 followers. I'll also say that WePlayCoD will also be giving aways some prizes once we hit that mark as well. Thanks to Camping_Soldier for supporting WePlayCoD.

Thank you all for supporting WePlayCoD, your number one place for CoD info, chat, and more on Twitter! Remember to include the #weplaycod hashtag with your CoD tweets!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Join #WePlayCoD Group Messaging On Twitter

Starting today, we will now be sending your requests for teammates, clan matches, private matches, etc via our new group messaging feature on Twitter. To sign up, simply tweet us @WePlayCoD asking to be placed in our groups. Please also include either NA(North America) or EU(Europe) with your tweet depending on your location. As of now, we have three separate groups.

The first group is the WePlayCoD group. All of you who wish to be on the message list will be included in this group. This will be where you'll receive general information, reminders, and general teammate/match requests.

The second group will be for those of you living in North America, appropriately titled CoDNA. CoDNA members will receive messages when a location is specified in any request as well as any NA specific messages that we may send.

Our third group will consist of the CoD players hailing from the EU. If you're on the other side of the ocean from us, that includes you. Like the CoDNA group, the CoDEU group will receive messages regarding EU specific requests, whether that be a player looking for teammates, setting up a clan match, or any other EU specific messages that need to be passed along.

The idea of this is to easily and quickly notify you of any recent requests. This will further our goal of bringing CoD player chat to Twitter. As we are receiving more and more replies each day, this should keep everyone in the loop as well as keep us away from spamming your Twitter feeds.

Keep spreading the WePlayCoD word by using the #weplaycod hashtag with all of your CoD tweets!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Call of Duty Community Media

Take a look at some of the Call of Duty media floating around the net. Thanks to Str8Artist , ICoKraI , Michael Barnes, IMAGINeye , skullkruncher13 and patfan8326, SupraMK86 , and mrbob0822 for taking the time to create these.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

CoD Twibbons Now Available

After playing with the twibbons (hate that word) a bit, we've finally settled on the CoD4:MW, CoD:WaW, and CoD:MW2 twibbons. I've placed each in a different corner of the avatar in case any of you would like to place more than one on your avatar. Enjoy!

Show your support for Call of Duty by adding a twibbon to your Twitter avatar.

Feel free to leave suggestions for a 4th CoD themed twibbon either in the comment box on on Twitter.

You're In Control Of WePlayCoD

@WePlayCoD or comment here to leave your suggestions.

First I'd like to thank everyone for supporting #WePlayCoD as well as showing your CoD support. We're at over 600 followers in a matter of days and will continue to bring in the CoD community on Twitter through various functions, features, and all-around cool stuff.

Now, what exactly would you like to see come from WePlayCoD? This being a "by the community, for the community" group, you'll be the one sculpting WePlayCoD. Don't like something we're doing? Let us know. Love something we're doing? Let us know. Have a brilliant idea that would improve your WePlayCoD experience? LET US KNOW! ;)

Some ideas have centered around highlighting the #weplaycod hashtag and trying to use that to bring players together in-game. Our current interim system is one that allows you to tweet us and in return we will tweet the masses informing them of your request.

You can also take matters into your own hands by simply using the #weplaycod hashtag without tweeting us. When included in your tweet, others will be able to easily find you by either using Twitter search, our Tweetchat room, or by browsing the feeds we've provided right here on the blog. Eventually we would like to start organizing WePlayCoD community events where we'll all join up and play some of our favorite games. That means that you guys and girls have to remember to start using the #weplaycod hashtag in your CoD tweets. The more you use them, the bigger the community will grow, thus a better experience for all of us.

That's it for now. Bookmark our blog if you haven't and keep an eye out for CoD news, contests, and all of WePlayCoD chatter. Thanks again and remember to use our #weplaycod hashtag to let everyone know that you're a proud Call of Duty player!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Winners Announced In Giveaway!

* Congratulations to @Trax22 (PS3) and @DannyTrose (360) on submitting the correct answers to our quiz and winning themselves a $20 PSN card and 1600 MS Points. Thanks to all who entered and to all who have been supporting WePlayCoD! More contests and giveaways coming soon. Check out the rest of our blog while you're here. ;) *

These being prizes worth $20 each , you're going to have to do a little bit of work and show us that you are a true Call of Duty fan. The following is a quiz about Call of Duty, from Call of Duty 1 through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You must reply to us on Twitter with the correct answers. All correct entries will be entered into the drawing which will give one random winner the Microsoft Points and one random winner the PSN Card. Since the points are region specific, this contest will only be for US residents. I assure you that we will have worldwide contests in the future.

The following is an example of how your tweet should be formatted. If you do not follow this format, you will not be pay attention. Remember to include your console

@WePlayCoD 1A,2B,3C,4D,5C,6B (360 or PS3) #weplaycod

On to the quiz......

1) The original Call of Duty was released on what date?
a) November 10th, 2009
b) October 31st, 2004
c) October 29th, 2003
d) September 27th, 2002

2) Which of these characters were not playable in Call of Duty 2?

a) Private Vasili Ivanovich Koslov
b) Corporal Bill Taylor
c) Sergeant John Davis
d) Captain Price

3) Which multiplayer game mode in Call of Duty 3 requires a team to capture several fixed flags, in order, across the map to win?
a) Capture the Flag
b) Team Deathmatch
c) War
d) Domination

4) What is the name of the single player mission in Call of Duty 4 which places you in the seat of an AC-130 gunship?
a) War Pig
b) F.N.G.
c) One Shot, One Kill
d) Death From Above

5) The badass that is known as Sergeant Reznov in World at War is voiced by which actor?
a) Micheal Douglas
b) Gary Oldman
c) Emmanuel Lewis
d) Kiefer Sutherland

6) How many customizeable kill streak rewards can be unlocked in Modern Warfare 2?
a) 15
b) 7
c) 3
d) 20

...remember to follow the provided format. Do not leave your answers in the comment section unless you want to help others out. You have until 10pm EST to get your entries in. Winners will be announced at 11pm EST. Good luck and thanks for supporting WePlayCoD!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Functions Including #weplaycod Feed

We've added a few functions recently. These new functions center around the #weplaycod hashtag and should streamline the tracking for those of you who have already adopted our hashtag.

First up, we've opened up the Tweetchat #weplaycod feed. Once you've approved Tweetchat on your Twitter profile (one time only), you'll be able to easily visit the WePlayCoD feed and make use of Tweetchats room to better suit you. Not only can you view what your fellow CoD players are tweeting about, you'll also be able to reply, DM, RT, and favorite those tweets that interest you. Our Tweetchat URL is-

Next on the list is our new Tweet Blender feed located in this blog (sidebar --->). This will also keep track of any and all tweets containing #weplaycod and like Tweetchat, will allow you to reply straight from the widget to Twitter. I have noticed a problem or two that may arise, but we'll cross that bridge should we make it there.

Last but not least is the now automatic feed of posts from our blog to the WePlayCoD Twitter. Anytime we have a new article, it will be automatically posted on the WePlayCoD profile with the article name and a link to the post.

*We have now also added Twitter Feeds for both IW and Treyarch Comm. Managers, a Modern Warfare 2 feed, as well as an Intel feed from the CoD HQ (WaW).*

Thanks for stopping by, and like always, your feedback on WePlayCoD is greatly appreciated. Don't forget to use the #weplaycod hashtag with your CoD tweets!

Check Out The #weplaycod Feed

We've added a widget to our blog that now tracks the #weplaycod hashtag

The Polls Are In...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WePlayCoD Needs Your Feedback!

We're in the starting stages of what we hope will be the one place for all of you CoD Twitterbugs to come for CoD news and social player chat on Twitter.

We are currently accepting @replies from those of you looking for other CoD players to party up with. The problem is that retweeting these requests can lead to Twitter spam, which none of us enjoy. We're in the process of devising new ways to go about getting you guys and girls together without having to spam everyone's Twitter feed.

One possibility is to use the #weplaycod hashtag function. When included in your request for teammates or any other CoD-related tweets, others would be able to easily search #weplaycod and find other CoD players. This would cut down on any possible Twitter spam while allowing all of you to easily find users in search of fellow CoD players.

We ask that you give any and all feedback that you may have on not only our "team search" option, but as well as any other facet of WePlayCoD. Whether that be what you'd like to see come from us, or any improvements that can be made to the current setup. Feel free to leave your suggestions here or @reply us on Twitter.

Thank you all for checking out WePlayCoD! We <3 the CoD community!

*Free cookies to all commenters! Click here for your cookie!*

Mad Catz To Produce MW2 Accessories

After 402 teased us earlier this year about an official MW2 controller being produced, we now know that Mad Catz will be the ones bringing those official MW2 accessories to us. The only confirmed piece at the moment is the MW2 controller.

Are there any accessories you're particularly hoping for?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 on G4TV's XPlay today * Updated- Video Added*

Feel free to leave your comments here or on Twitter with your thoughts on the video.

XPlay airs at 6:30pm and 8:00pm EST on G4TV.

How to use WePlayCoD on Twitter

Not only can WePlayCoD be used as a tool to let other CoD fans know what's going on with you in the CoD world, you can also use it if you happen to be looking for a CoD clan, some friends to play CoD with, answers to your CoD-related questions, and more.

Feel free to tweet us with your request. We have provided some examples for requesting info and/or teammates as well as "bragging rights" tweets. Include your console, the CoD you'll be playing (if applicable), the time you'll be playing, and if you wish, include your Gamertag or PSN Id for other WePlayCoD followers to connect with you directly on your console.

*We've also began using the new #weplaycod hashtag on Twitter. Simply include the #weplaycod tag at the end of your CoD tweet and this will allow anyone to search for other CoD players and what we're all talking about. You can use this when looking for teammates, reporting CoD-related news, or any other CoD-related chatter.*

"@WePlayCoD: Need 3 teammates for Der Riese. Starting in 1 hour. @reply or send message to "Gamertag" #codwaw #weplaycod (360)"

"@WePlayCoD: Needing help with One Shot One Kill on Veteran. @reply or message "Gamertag" #cod4 #weplaycod (PS3)"

"@WePlayCoD: Just finished WaW on Veteran! WOOT WOOT! #codwaw #weplaycod"

We hope those of you that frequent Twitter will find this to be a useful tool and an all-around neat little socal spot for Call of Duty fans.

Monday, August 10, 2009

500 Followers Contest

We'll be giving away a 1600 MS Points Card and a $20 PSN Card when we hit 500 followers! Spread the word and RT on Twitter #codwaw #mw2 #weplaycod

*Please note that this is a U.S. only giveaway as both XBL and PSN credits are region-specific.*

Welcome to WePlayCoD!

Welcome to WePlayCoD everyone. Our goal is to bring a central location to Twitter for all Call of Duty players to socialize with one another about their favorite franchise. Like our motto says, feel free to let us know what you're doing in the Call of Duty world and we'll let the world know!

As you can see, we'll be having various contests for prizes which include but are not limited to CoD swag and prizes for each console.

We hope you find WePlayCoD to be a great place to talk amongst your fellow CoD players. If you're looking for someone to game with, let us know on Twitter and we'll find someone for you. Have you recently accomplished something you're particularly proud of in Call of Duty. Tell us and we'll tell your fellow Call of Duty fans.

If you have any suggestions on how WePlayCoD can become a better tool, please comment here or give us a shout on Twitter