Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black Ops is now out Worldwide!

Happy Black Ops day everyone! We've waited for over 100 days but the wait is finally over. Everyone can now purchase their copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The reviews are in, but do they consider the game a success, or a failure?

With the help of VG24/7 », we've put together a long list of the reviews (that we know of). You can check them out below.
A big congratulations goes out to Treyarch for their successful launch and for the hard work, effort and passion that they've put into the game.

Have you picked up your copy yet? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal

The moment that we've all been waiting for has finished! Yesterday Treyarch and Activision revealed the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

They kicked the event off with a presentation and then everyone that attended got the chance to play the game. There was no live stream of the actual presentation but it was recorded and will be available online in a few days or so.

They announced that you will be able to unlock weapons and other items with "CoD Points" and have introduced a new addition called "Contracts". Contracts is similar to challenges from previous games and rewards players with more CoD Points once they have completed a certain task.

In an attempt to get Single Player fans and those who don't particularly like or aren't good at multiplayer, they have introduced "Combat Training". This allows the player to play on his own or with a mate in a game with only AI controlled bots. The main aim is to simply give players the experience and confidence that they need on the battlefield.

A new game mode is "Wager Match" which is designed for "adrenaline junkie fun". These matches are separate from the normal playlists and you can take the money that you've earned and gamble it against other players. It features four modes which are "One in the Chamber", "Sticks and Stones", "Gun Game" and "Sharp Shooter".

In One in the Chamber everyone spawns with only a pistol, you must kill the enemy and then receives their bullet but if you miss then you're left with just your knife. In Sticks and Stones you only have a crossbow, ballistic knife and a tomahawk and if you kill the enemy with a tomahawk then you reset their money. In gun game you are given a series of progressive and once you kill someone you are given a better weapon, the person who is first to progress through all the weapons wins but if you get knifed then you get sent back one tier. In Sharp Shooter everyone spawns with the same randomly selected weapon which you get to use for a certain period of time, when the period is other than everyone gets a new weapon, each kill gives a perk and then eventually a scoring multiplier.

A trailer for this "Wager Match" was shortly uploaded to the Internet and you can watch it below.


Perks are a very important feature within the Call of Duty franchise nowadays. Black Ops will not have Stopping Power or Juggernaut and there will be 3 tiers to choose from. The first tier will shape how your character looks, for example, the Ghost perk will dress your character up in a ghillie suit. The create a class screen now also shows how your character looks and the changes in appearance that will happen if you select certain options, such as a tier 1 perk. Pro perks will also return to Black Ops.

Tier 1
  • Lightweight
  • Scavenger - Replenish your ammo from fallen enemies.
  • Ghost - Undetectable by Spy Plane, and Blackbird.
  • Flak Jacket - Higher explosives resistance.
  • Hardline

Tier 2

  • Hardened - Deeper bullet penetration
  • Scout - Longer Hold Breath during Scoped Views
  • Steady Aim
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Warlord - Bling perk from MW2

Tier 3

  • Marathon
  • Ninja
  • Second Chance- Will allow you to be revived and in turn revive others
  • Hacker- "Similar" to SitRep/ Pro Version allows you to "booby trap" enemy CarePackages, and hack enemy electronical devices and turn them into your team's( Claymore, Sentry Guns, SAM Turrets)
  • Tactical Mask- Tear Gas and Flashbang resistant


  • MP5K
  • Skorpion
  • MAC11
  • AK74u
  • Uzi
  • PM63
  • MPL
  • Spectre


  • Enfield
  • M14
  • Famas
  • Galil
  • AUG
  • FN FAL
  • AK47
  • Commando


  • Olympia
  • Stakeout
  • SPAS


  • HK21
  • RPK
  • M60

Sniper Rifles

  • Dragunov
  • WA2000
  • L96A1

The above weapons are just some of the weapons that has been seen at the event.


  • Extended Mag
  • ACOG sight
  • Red Dot sight
  • Reflex
  • Infrared scope
  • Dual Mag
  • Masterkey
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenade Launch Suppressor

Treyarch are keen to stress how much more customization Black Ops offers. This includes choosing the reticle that you will see when aiming down your sights.


  • Dot
  • Semicircle
  • Line with dot
  • Circle
  • Smiley
  • Arrows Horizontal
  • Arrows Vertical
  • Arrows with dot
  • Boxes
  • Burst
  • Circle within a circle
  • Circle with dot
  • Circle with Crosshairs
  • Circle with inner line
  • Circle with outer line
  • Circle with arrows
  • Circle with triangles
  • Outer crosshairs
  • Small crosshairs
  • Large crosshairs
  • Diamond
  • Diamond outline
  • Heart
  • Radiation
  • Skull
  • Square
  • Square outline
  • Star
  • 3 dots
  • Treyarch
  • Triangle
  • Outer triangles
  • x
  • X with dot
  • yin yang

The colors that you can choose are green, blue, purple, teal, yellow and orange. Thanks to MorganJEast » for the weapons, attachments and reticules lists above!

Both the killcam and winning killcam will be heading to Black Ops. Four maps were playable at the event and this includes Summit (snow mountain base), Launch (rocket map), Radiation (abandoned power station) and Crackled (secluded town in shambles).

As part of the more customization, you will be able to edit your own emblem that can be placed on the gun and your clan tag can also be etched on the gun. Host migration will return and the maximum rank appears to be level 50. Although you start off with 5 custom classes you can unlock 5 additional ones through prestige 1-5.


The game won't feature a game ending killstreak and the maximum kills needed will be 11. Killstreak kills won't count towards your next killstreak.

  • 3 – Spy Plane
  • 3 – RC XD
  • 4 – Counter Spy Plane $1600
  • 4 – Sam Turret $1600
  • 5 – Care Package
  • 5 – Napalm Strike
  • 6 – Sentry Gun $3200
  • 6 – Mortar Team
  • 7 – Attack Helicopter
  • 7 – Valkyrie Rockets $4000
  • 8 – BlackBird $4500
  • 8 – Rolling Thunder $4500
  • 9 - Chopper Gunner $5000
  • 11 – Attack Dogs $6000
  • 11 Gunship $6000

Thanks to BigPwner » for the killstreak list!

The care packages will offer special weapons such as the death machine (chain-gun) and the grim reaper (missile launcher). The ballistic knife and crossbow will be "special secondary" weapons while the shotgun will return to its primary weapon slot, but the game will feature dual pistols.


  • Camera Spike
  • C4
  • TI
  • Jammer
  • Motion sensor
  • Claymore


  • M72
  • RPG
  • Strela
  • China Lake

Lethal Grenades

  • Tomahawk
  • Frag
  • Semtex
A Inside Xbox Overview video was recently released and is definitely worth watching below!




















Thanks to those who tweeted, blogged, streamed and passed all the awesome information on.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Today

The day that we've been waiting for months is finally here! Later on today Treyarch and Activision will be holding an event just for multiplayer. The event will be attended by press, community representatives and I believe celebrities will even be there.

This will be a full reveal of multiplayer, so even though a lot will be kept secret for November, you can expect a lot of information and footage to come from the event later today. Whether it be new perks, new game modes, new features and plenty more, you can expect a whole lot of awesomeness.

But of course, the big question is how can you get the best possible coverage? There will be a few live streams, blogs and twitter updates that you can find below.

Live Streams
Live Blogs
Along with the above links, we will have own our representatives at the event and we are working on bringing you a live stream but we can't promise anything yet. Keep your eyes peeled to out Blog », Twitter » and Facebook » for all our updates. We will continuously try and add all the new information and footage onto our blog so stay tuned!

The event is scheduled to kick off at 6pm PDT and you can find a countdown timer here ».

[UPDATED] As we mentioned earlier, we've been trying to set-up a live stream. We can now tell you that Nathan8er will be representing us at the event and that involves streaming what he can. Head over to his Ustream » to watch the stream. We will have more details soon.

[UPDATED 2] As promised, we can now share more details about the live stream. Follow @Nathan8er and tune into http://bit.ly/caK1RW for a WePlayCoD look from inside the MP Reveal tonight!

Friday, August 13, 2010

This Weeks Summary - MP Teaser, Collector Editions and More

After a slow period of silence and almost no Call of Duty: Black Ops news, this past week has been a joy to behold. This week has seen the first look at Multiplayer as well as the reveal of the Collector Editions (vroom vroom!) but if you've been away all week then we have a summary for you!

To kick off the week, Treyarch released a teaser trailer showing the first ever footage of Multiplayer. The teaser showed off new weapons such as the FAMAS and the ballistic knife as well as new killstreaks like the RC-XD vehicle and the return of the care package.

The teaser also showed off the new 'Theater' mode which allows players to record, edit and upload gameplay. The ending of the teaser states that a full Multiplayer reveal will be coming on 1st September, which means that a lot of information is coming shortly. Check out the teaser in all its glory below.

Multiplayer Teaser Trailer

Once the video arrived, everyone began analyzing the teaser to see what they could find. Whether it be more customization, weapons, killstreaks and more, they certainly found a lot of interesting stuff. Check out this analysis » from Pwnage19 on the CoDHQ as well as Gametrailer's Pop-Block here » and IGN's Rewind Theater below.

IGN Rewind Theater

But just when we think that would be the only Black Ops news we'd receive this week, they ended the week off by revealing the Prestige and Hardened editions. Check out the details (as taken from CoDHQ ») and the video below.

Hardened Edition:

- Call of Duty: Black Ops full game
- Premium, special-edition SteelBook™ case
- Limited edition Black Ops collector’s medal w/display case
- 4 additional co-op maps not included in the standard edition of the game
- Special Black Ops Xbox Live or PlayStation Home avatar outfit

Prestige Edition:

The Prestige Edition is what every hardcore Call of Duty fan needs. It includes everything in the Hardened Edition, along with a real remote-control vehicle modeled after the in-game RC-XD killstreak reward! The RC-XD’s features include:

- Video & audio sent wirelessly to remote transmitter (200 ft. range)
- 2” backlit TFT 220 x176 color screen built into RC controller
- Digital proportional steering and throttle
- Independent suspension
- High and low speed settings
- Custom pistol grip style RC controller
- Display stand

The above video appears to show off the RC-XD vehicle on the "Launch" map that was seen in the teaser. Many have also noticed that the sniper zooms in x2!

The collector edition also gives players access to 4 exclusive co-op maps, but as co-op isn't yet revealed, this could mean anything. However, a number of retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy have listed these maps as the Nazi Zombie maps from Call of Duty: World at War. This isn't yet confirmed by Treyarch or Activision, but it's a good sign that Zombies will be returning to Black Ops. Check out Kotaku's story here » for the full details.

It's certainly been one hectic week and we can't wait till the full Multiplayer reveal on 1st September and the game's release in November! Let us know your thoughts regarding this weeks news on our Twitter », Facebook » and Forums ».

~ Boyle111

Monday, June 14, 2010

Black Ops Kicks Off Microsoft's E3 Briefing

Pulling the curtain back just a little more, Activision and Treyarch have been at E3 today showing off their next title in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops.  From an epic demo showing us possibilities that have never been explored in the series, to information detailing plans for future downloadable content, we'll take a look at what has shown up on the internet today.

Kicking the day off was a brand new Black Ops trailer remix featuring a track from Eminem's new album Recovery, titled "Won't Back Down" and featuring Pink.

Microsoft's Xbox briefing today at E3 was said to touch on the highlights including exclusive titles ala Gears of War 3, promising partnerships like the one announced with ESPN, and of course, Kinect (See: Natal).  The opener for the showing was none other than Treyarch's studio head Mark Lamia with a demo run through some of Black Ops' campaign.  And yes, that's Reznov that you see in the tunnels. 

As you can see from the gameplay shown, twists and turns of the game will be something that you can expect from Black Ops.  From creeping through the rat-infested tunnels, to actually being able to control and fly a helicopter in Call of Duty (for the first time ever!), you never quite know what's coming up next.

After Microsoft's press showing, Geoff Keighley had the chance to talk with Mark Lamia a bit more, and also snagged an exclusive look at WMD, a single player level that takes place in the Ural Mountains of Russia (1968).  This was one of the levels shown to us at the Community First Look Event, and rest assured, the proportions of epicness in WMD are heavy and what you would expect from our favorite blockbuster shooter.


Also mentioned during Microsoft's briefing was the announcement that all DLC for the Call of Duty franchise, starting with Black Ops and running through 2012 (theoretically for Sledgehammer's release and IW's MW3), would receive the timed exclusivity treatment for Xbox 360 owners.  As many of you know, this formula has been and is currently being used by Activision with Modern Warfare 2 DLC, where PS3 and PC users receive content one month after it has been released on the 360.  We'll leave it at that, because we all know how console wars end up.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Shi No Numa For The iPhone/iPod Touch

 The hounds of Hell have made their way to the iTunes app store and are chomping at the bits to rip you apart.  The second DLC map for Call of Duty: World at War Zombies on the iPhone/iPod Touch, Shi No Numa, has released and can be downloaded now.

Those that already own the Zombies app can update and purchase the new content for $4.99 from the app itself (see: New Maps in Main Menu).  If you don't happen to own the app, you can simply download Shi No Numa from the iTunes app store for $9.99

We've had a bit of playtime through the new map already, and it's just as fun as you remember.  Firing the Wunderwaffe DG-2, fighting Hell Hounds, and slaying freakbags with the Flogger trap, you're sure to enjoy this one.  Join others online for a 4-man co-op experience that you just can't get anywhere else.

 Shi No Numa on iTunes

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Resurgence Of Modern Warfare 2

Not that Modern Warfare 2 needed a resurgence, given the fact that it continues to dominate the most played games lists.  In any case, a resurgence has come today in the form of the....Resurgence Map Pack.

This, the second map pack for Modern Warfare 2, looks to be quite different compared to the first content to release, the Stimulus Package.  From sprawling sniper havens to the mouth of a clown, the variety is deep.  After a bit of playtime, we're here to take a closer look at what these new maps are bringing us.

Thanks to our friend on Twitter @DannyTrose for providing the walkthrough video.

Starting off with Carnival, you're boots have hit the ground running in this deserted amusement park.  This map definitely has personality.  A bit larger than expected, the feel of the map is restricted by certain sections and locations.

A few of the landmarks that you'll be screaming over your headsets are the Funhaus, the merry-go-round, the rocket ship, the draw bridge, and the roller coaster.  As previously mentioned, although this map is of decent size, the separate locations really provide some great chokepoints that keep the intensity level high.  Keep an eye out for snipers in the rocket ship and campers perched on the second floor of the Funhaus.

Next up we have Fuel.  This vast map is situated in a sunny desert in the Middle East.  The first thing noticed in this map is that those of you that run-and-gun will want to alter your play a bit.  With an expansive layout and several multi-story buildings, the long range shooter will have the better chance on Fuel.  This layout also seems to slow the pace of a game down a bit as well, as much of your time will be spent on either finding a safe path or searching for a decent vantage point.

Last, but not least, Trailer Park.  This map plays exactly how you would imagine it to, as a chaotic rush among the maze-like layout of dilapidated trailers and downed airplanes.  This is where the run-and-gunners will shine.  While many firefights will be held around the above-ground pool in the center of the map, a great strategy will be to cover the perimeter while looking towards the interior for enemies.  With several trailers that surround many of the objective sites, a bomb planter will have to coordinate their approach wisely.

As you also know, CoD4 fan favorites Stike and Vacant have made a triumphant return as well.  No rundown required for those two though.  You know them, you love them.  They're as great in MW2 as they were in CoD4, and that's really at that needs to be said.

Feel free to leave your comments here on Twitter @WePlayCoD, or on Facebook with your thoughts on the new maps.  Have fun out there on the battlefields!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops First Look Preview

 Here we are folks, a mere week after our trip to Treyarch Studios in sunny Santa Monica and we can finally share the epic visions that have filled our heads since then.  From igniting members of the North Vietnamese Army with a Spas-12 equipped with incendiary ammo to providing recon from the seat of the notorious SR-71 Blackbird, prepare to embark on a badass journey filled with twists and turns never before seen from Call of Duty.

"Black Ops is not about the Cold War, it's about the black ops that occurred underneath the Cold War." - Mark Lamia

Let's start off with the two Single Player levels that we were shown.  The first of which is titled "WMD".  Most of you have seen glimpses of the SR-71 Blackbird throughout the trailers that have been released up until now, but what you haven't seen is how this bad boy is incorporated into the gameplay.


Weapons Used:
  • Modified Crossbow w/ Explosive Tips
  • Steyr AUG w/ Silencer
  • AK-47
Starting off in this level, you're suited up and ready to pilot the Blackbird which sits on a runway in California.  After approaching the vehicle, you're saluted and begin to board the plane.

"Big Eye 6, you have the sky."

After requesting for takeoff, you're told "Your aircraft sir".  You're then prompted to press a control to engage the boosters, then must pull back on the thumbstick to begin your ascent.  After a short cinematic of Big Eye 6 in orbit, the screen cuts to a first person view of the cockpit.

"Big Eye 6, this is Kilo 1 requesting tactical recon."

The view is that of a heatmap screen where the 4 man team (Kilo 1 - SOG) can be seen prone in the snow.  Your job is to assist them past any enemy troops that may be present.  After providing them with recon, the screen fades, and you're then put into the boots of one of the members of the black ops patrolmen on the ground.

This is where we first got a peek at the modified crossbow that you've been hearing about.  You lie prone in the snow with your squadmates on your flanks.  Power lines can be seen in the distance.  Your breathing can be heard, provoked by the frigid climate of the Ural Mountains.  At that moment, a group of Russian soldiers on patrol slowly creep by to north.  Their cold breath can be seen in the air, their boots crunching the snow beneath them.  Luckily, you're not detected and the troops continue on their path.

Your objective is to make your way to a substation.  The point of interest is that of a weapons manufacturing facility, obviously not a facility that one wishes to inhabit...that is, unless you're a member of this group of men who show no fear in the face of adversity.  Making your way down the snowy trails, you're met with your first enemies.  Shouldering your crossbow (click thumbstick to hold breath and steady aim), you pick off any targets while remaining completely silent.

Making your way further down, you're then required to hook up and rappel down the steep face of a mountain.  One might imagine this would be where you cut to a cinematic sequence, but not in Black Ops.  After hooking up your ropes and beginning your descent, you're required to push off of the mountain and put the brakes on several times before finally making it to the landing below.  Shooting through the facility's windows with your silenced AUG rifle, you're immediately met by a hoard of Russian soldiers.  Nothing you can't handle though.

Once you've taken the substation, your objective is updated and are asked to move to the "com-stat".

Kilo 1 is approaching the objective.
Making your way further down the mountain, you soon meet a group of enemies that require a bit more firepower.  Switching over to explosive tips on your modified crossbow, the enemy never has a chance.  One enemy is shot directly in the leg, in return exploding not only him but a few of his comrades.  This is when the music kicks in and the shit gets thick.  After you've taken out the enemy troops and taken the storage shed, you move onto the power room.

Alarms are sounding, enemy chatter can be heard.  Switching to an assault rifle, you head towards the power room.  Moving behind your teammate, he opens a door and is immediately met face to face with an enemy.  What does he do?  What any black ops badass would do...he quickly pulls out his blade and throws it at the enemy, impaling him in the neck.  And the crowd goes wild!

Making your way through the facility, the opposition is heavy.  Chaos ensues, but only shortly as you make short work of the enemies inside the facility.  Moving to your objective, you find the relay and yank the fuses from the box.  Objective complete.

Once you've cleared the mountain and completed the objective, there's only one more logical action scene that could possibly take place.  Insert epic avalanche.  Jumping across opening crevices, you follow your team to what you hope to be safety.  As the snow rushes behind you, you have no choice but to jump.....


Weapons Used:
  • Spas-12 w/ Dragon's Breath incendiary ammunition
  • CAR-15 Commando
Next up we have Slaughterhouse, which depicts the Battle of Hue City in 1968.  Taking place during the Tet Offensive, you're in the boots of Mason, a black ops member of the SOG group infiltrating the city in South Vietnam.

You start off rappelling from a Huey chopper.  As soon as you're in the air, the chopper is hit and starts spiraling out of control.  Luckily you and your squadmate for this mission, Woods, are able to smash through a window into a multi-story building.  Dazed by those events, you rise to your feet and are thrown a Spas-12 shotgun equipped with Dragon's Breath ammunition.  Imagine a short-range flamethrower that shoots a burst of fire per trigger pull.  Making your way to an objective, you're met with several Vietnamese enemies, who only end up taking a face full of flames via the end of your barrel.

Receiving assistance from friendly choppers, machine guns rain fire through windows mowing any enemy in it's path down with ease.  Intensity is high, and mixing in civilians throughout the building requires quick thoughts and reactions to minimize their casualties.

Once you've made your way into the urban streets, you can hear a Vietnamese voice over a loudspeaker system...

American soldiers, put down your weapons!  This is not your war.  We do not wish you harm.
Outside you approach a group of Marines and take over their radio communications.  Requesting assistance from the sky, you're then tasked with the job of designating buildings to be fired upon by the Huey's.  Pounding the streets, you're able to provide recon to the choppers who make your job a bit easier.  Don't forget about the remaining troops on the streets though, as they're out for blood.  Picking them off one by one with your CAR-15 Commando, the screen soon fades to black, and our preview comes to an end.

Recalling the levels that were shown, the words of Mark Lamia (Treyarch studio head) ring through our heads, "We are trying to craft an experience on truly an epic scale.".  From objective to objective, you're left wondering what's around the corner.  What in the hell is coming up next?  This is also the first Call of Duty where you'll actually be given a voice, immersing you deeper into the emotional experience of war.  

Since we're assuming the role of a member of the SOG, our missions are truly different than those we've seen in past titles.  These guys were allowed to approach their missions as they saw fit.  Given access to advanced and personally modified weaponry, vehicles, and any equipment they might have needed, they were dropped behind enemy lines and ruled the battlefield.

Not only were SOG tactics and stories recounted by veterans like Major John Plaster, but enemy tactics and stories were studied with a highly-trained member of the Spetsnaz, Sonny Puzikas.  Some of you may have seen Sonny on Spike's Deadliest Warrior as well as his popular instructional videos highlighting his tactical expertise (LINK).  In short, the team at Treyarch has taken the task of depicting this era with as much authenticity as possible...and it looks like they've achieved that with mind-blowing missions that will leave your jaw on the floor.

After viewing the missions shown to us, we were left asking how Treyarch managed to achieve the high level of detail and animations while retaining that butter smooth 60 frames per second.  While the same engine that powered World at War is being used, it's been improved and ratcheted up to provide a truly visceral experience.  Not only has Treyarch incorporated the same motion capture technology as James Cameron's Avatar, but they have access to the world's largest studio with 200 cameras built specifically for Black Ops.  These guys aren't using today's technology, they're forging tomorrow's technology...and it shows.

We were also given access to some of the behind-the-scenes work as well, like the laser scanning of authentic military uniforms which are then transferred over to the game in a highly detailed fashion.  When we say this game looks good, it looks REALLY good!

Another station that we were shown detailed the new AI tactics that you'll see in the Black Ops campaign.  New scripting has given the enemy evasive tactics.  Once you lock on to your target, the enemy will take measures to prevent your success.  From dipping away from your crosshairs to rolling into cover, Treyarch has yet again brought us a more intelligent foe who is surely to impress.

Last but certainly not least, we'd like to touch on some of the multiplayer/Co-op details that we were able to get our hands on.  Although Treyarch isn't ready to rip the top off of the competitive side of things, we were given the chance to talk with Dan Bunting and David "Vahn" Vohnderhaar, who both are working extremely hard on the multiplayer portion of Black Ops.  Instead of attempting to thread their words into a neatly woven paragraph, we're giving you bullet points.  Dig in...

  • The Black Ops mp team is twice the size compared to the mp team of World at War
  • Work on multiplayer began on day one
  • There is no time period for multiplayer, giving us access to more toys and tools
  • Vehicles will return for mp, although not how you know them in CoD's of past
  • The mp team reads the forums, blogs, Twitter, etc. and are sensitive to what the community says
  • No mp maps have been taken from sp, although some sp maps have been taken from mp
  • Create-a-Class customization is deep and includes many new features
  • Focus is being put on varied playlists, including those for old school gamers ala Barebones
  • The team is also focused on how to extend the game once you leave your console/PC
  • Many of your favorite weapons will be seen, although we can't speak specifics
  • Region filter will return
  • Leave with party feature sounded to be making a return
  • Host migration will be included
  • Auto-aim ("Sticky Aim") will have a toggle on/off option
  • Focused on preventing hackers/modders with a dedicated "security team" 
  • 2-4 play Co-op will return, and it's not Campaign Co-op, rather a "really fun co-op mode that you and your friends will love to sit on the couch and play".  Speculate away people. 
  • It looks like dedicated servers will be returning to the PC version, although mod tools are still in question.

We know that's not everything that the community has asked, but like we said, the team just isn't ready to spill the beans on everything regarding multiplayer.  Impressions are great and hopes are high from the short time that we did have to talk about the competitive side though.

To end, we would like to thank Treyarch and Activision for giving us this peek inside Call of Duty: Black Ops.  The game looks absolutely amazing, and the team is extremely focused and dedicated to bringing us a fresh experience to the Call of Duty franchise.  You'll see new elements of gameplay never before explored, and a new playable faction who is truly the best of the best.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for more on Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Treyarch Community Manager Wants Your Input

Earlier today Treyarch's Community Manager Josh Olin (@JD_2020) put out the call for your input on the multiplayer side of things for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops.  The question posed was what you, the player, loved and hated from Call of Duty's of past.

We decided to skim through and nab some of your responses.  Enough of our blabbing, let's see what you had to say about it...

GingybreadMan: @JD_2020 Command pro/no falling damage perk needs to be taken off & dual shotguns. Unrealistic in a military game! This is't halo!!

TU5K3N: @JD_2020 @pstjoker mods man mods. lean! jeeps (UO) punkbuster admin tools dediservers skins for my avatar

 j_almeida: @JD_2020 another thing the grenade launcher(noob tube) put it as perk slot cause people abuse that...hence (noob tube)

 dy75: @JD_2020 Hates commando, danger close, oma, boosting, crappy hit detection/lag likes host migration, killstreaks, overall feel & slickness

 marandmar: @JD_2020 LOVE: Nazi zombies, spec ops, co-op singleplayer campaign, cpt. Price, Reznov, involving and emotional campaign in MW2 and WaW

 magicfanejc42: @JD_2020 I <3 gaining pro perks titles(MORE!) emblems large weapon n attachment selection. Needs customizable chars n cammos 2 b added.

 EarnMyRespect: @JD_2020 Love: Simplicity. Hate: Over complicated stuff. Keep the playing ground fair a la COD2 Nothing over the top/extra, its stupid

 coolguyx1991: @JD_2020 The mp gore was amazing, as was the perk flak jacket, betties, most of all the flame thrower!!!!!!

 j_almeida: @JD_2020 dude pls keep the KS at only 3 or maybe 4!!!! MW2 KS killed the MP...secondly keep the perks simplistic...like you guys did in W@W

 huiyu22: @JD_2020 all the death perks, noob tubes and stupid spawns.

 D0ntT4seMeBr0: @JD_2020 Loved lobby leaderboards, loved backout with party, but didnt like how the match ended when host left

 Fengato: Need barebones playlist - no perks, attachments, streaks @JD_2020 #CODBlackOps

zBaCkFiR3: @JD_2020 less killstreaks (WaW) no stupid perks (commando) shotguns as primary, balanced weapons(cod3 was perfect), NO THERMAL, Barebones!!

 dM_92: @JD_2020 Loved the simplicity and level playing field in CoD2. Appreciated the new weapons in the new ones; dislike customizable killstreaks

 Fir3Fox_fr: @JD_2020 please add a zombie mode , it was one of the best thing in cod 5 moreover a lot of player wont be happy without a zombie ..

 coolguyx1991: @JD_2020 i love the voice acting in mp it was fun to hear your character or other holler out BA stuff!

 kingdude89: @JD_2020 ZOMBIES

 BigDogg01: @JD_2020 grenade launchers, unlimited run, & commando = very bad

 Icyanimal: @JD_2020 I liked how in WAW we could stay in a Xbox Live party and still play any playlist we wanted!

As you can see from this small slice of the pie, the likes and dislikes run the gamut from hating Commando and the frequently used "noob tubes", to loving zombie mode and pro perks.  It also looks like many of you yearn for a return to the simpler times, when it was just you and your gun.  

Although nothing has been confirmed, a Barebones mode that closely resembles the days of CoD2 without perks and killstreaks has been mentioned on the official Black Ops forums by the developers.  Keep your trigger fingers crossed and we may just see that come to fruition this November.

We have to say, from the personal interactions on Twitter to the in-depth Q&A on the official forums, it's great to see that Treyarch is extremely interested in making Black Ops an experience that we can all enjoy.  Whether it be removing a perk hated by the majority, offering dedicated servers for the PC community, or simply including functions like "leave with party", the outlook is extremely optimistic at this point.

With that said, head over to Twitter and speak your mind on multiplayer.  Simply send your tweet @JD_2020 and your voice will be heard.  It's as simple as that.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops First Look Preview...Preview

As many of you know, a few of us in the community had the chance to hit up Treyarch Studios this past Friday for an inside look on their next Call of Duty title, Black Ops. While we can't speak on specifics yet (pesky non-disclosure agreements), I do want to let you know a few things that may tide you over until this coming Friday (5/28), which is when we'll all be able to talk about the many fascinating things that were shared with us.

First, I have to say thank you to Treyarch and Activision for giving us the opportunity to look at what they've been working on. The involvement that was put into this event let us, the gamers, know that the team is indeed focused on how we perceive their work and ensures us that what we spout in the forums, blogs, and the internet in general is actually being heard.

From the extensive face time with studio head Mark Lamia, humorous and informative Q&A sessions with PC developer Cesar Stastny, in-depth looks at the inner-workings of what goes in to making the game, down to (last but certainly not least) extremely exciting banter with multiplayer guru David Vohnderhaar...we really got the sense that these guys are gamers just like you and I. The things that piss you off, piss them off. The things that you love about a game, they love. In short, they're an extremely passionate crew, and they've been working extremely hard to bring you something that will blow you away. From what we've seen, they're on track to achieve just that.

Now, not everything that you're dying to know will be answered. Although this was an extremely in-depth preview event, there were many things that the team just wasn't ready to talk about...or the PR team wasn't willing to allow the team to talk about. With that said, when a developer literally jumps up and down from the sheer excitement of what they have in store for us, you can't help but think that these guys have brought the big guns.

Stay tuned for our detailed rundown this coming Friday, May 28th (9am EST). Remember to follow us on Twitter @WePlayCoD and on Facebook @ facebook.com/WePlayCoD.