Friday, August 13, 2010

This Weeks Summary - MP Teaser, Collector Editions and More

After a slow period of silence and almost no Call of Duty: Black Ops news, this past week has been a joy to behold. This week has seen the first look at Multiplayer as well as the reveal of the Collector Editions (vroom vroom!) but if you've been away all week then we have a summary for you!

To kick off the week, Treyarch released a teaser trailer showing the first ever footage of Multiplayer. The teaser showed off new weapons such as the FAMAS and the ballistic knife as well as new killstreaks like the RC-XD vehicle and the return of the care package.

The teaser also showed off the new 'Theater' mode which allows players to record, edit and upload gameplay. The ending of the teaser states that a full Multiplayer reveal will be coming on 1st September, which means that a lot of information is coming shortly. Check out the teaser in all its glory below.

Multiplayer Teaser Trailer

Once the video arrived, everyone began analyzing the teaser to see what they could find. Whether it be more customization, weapons, killstreaks and more, they certainly found a lot of interesting stuff. Check out this analysis » from Pwnage19 on the CoDHQ as well as Gametrailer's Pop-Block here » and IGN's Rewind Theater below.

IGN Rewind Theater

But just when we think that would be the only Black Ops news we'd receive this week, they ended the week off by revealing the Prestige and Hardened editions. Check out the details (as taken from CoDHQ ») and the video below.

Hardened Edition:

- Call of Duty: Black Ops full game
- Premium, special-edition SteelBook™ case
- Limited edition Black Ops collector’s medal w/display case
- 4 additional co-op maps not included in the standard edition of the game
- Special Black Ops Xbox Live or PlayStation Home avatar outfit

Prestige Edition:

The Prestige Edition is what every hardcore Call of Duty fan needs. It includes everything in the Hardened Edition, along with a real remote-control vehicle modeled after the in-game RC-XD killstreak reward! The RC-XD’s features include:

- Video & audio sent wirelessly to remote transmitter (200 ft. range)
- 2” backlit TFT 220 x176 color screen built into RC controller
- Digital proportional steering and throttle
- Independent suspension
- High and low speed settings
- Custom pistol grip style RC controller
- Display stand

The above video appears to show off the RC-XD vehicle on the "Launch" map that was seen in the teaser. Many have also noticed that the sniper zooms in x2!

The collector edition also gives players access to 4 exclusive co-op maps, but as co-op isn't yet revealed, this could mean anything. However, a number of retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy have listed these maps as the Nazi Zombie maps from Call of Duty: World at War. This isn't yet confirmed by Treyarch or Activision, but it's a good sign that Zombies will be returning to Black Ops. Check out Kotaku's story here » for the full details.

It's certainly been one hectic week and we can't wait till the full Multiplayer reveal on 1st September and the game's release in November! Let us know your thoughts regarding this weeks news on our Twitter », Facebook » and Forums ».

~ Boyle111