Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Today

The day that we've been waiting for months is finally here! Later on today Treyarch and Activision will be holding an event just for multiplayer. The event will be attended by press, community representatives and I believe celebrities will even be there.

This will be a full reveal of multiplayer, so even though a lot will be kept secret for November, you can expect a lot of information and footage to come from the event later today. Whether it be new perks, new game modes, new features and plenty more, you can expect a whole lot of awesomeness.

But of course, the big question is how can you get the best possible coverage? There will be a few live streams, blogs and twitter updates that you can find below.

Live Streams
Live Blogs
Along with the above links, we will have own our representatives at the event and we are working on bringing you a live stream but we can't promise anything yet. Keep your eyes peeled to out Blog », Twitter » and Facebook » for all our updates. We will continuously try and add all the new information and footage onto our blog so stay tuned!

The event is scheduled to kick off at 6pm PDT and you can find a countdown timer here ».

[UPDATED] As we mentioned earlier, we've been trying to set-up a live stream. We can now tell you that Nathan8er will be representing us at the event and that involves streaming what he can. Head over to his Ustream » to watch the stream. We will have more details soon.

[UPDATED 2] As promised, we can now share more details about the live stream. Follow @Nathan8er and tune into for a WePlayCoD look from inside the MP Reveal tonight!

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  1. Alright I loved the idea of the new scopes they had made in the new call of duty i tried to stay awake all night to unlock all of them so i was drinking coffee from my keurig mini brewer. Awesome night by the way!!