Thursday, May 13, 2010

MW2 Resurgence Pack Releasing June 3rd + Double XP

*Update* - Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling joined Xbox's Major Nelson earlier today and gave up the details on the upcoming Resurgence Pack.  Infinity Ward is continuing to follow the previous model of 3 brand new maps as well 2 throwback CoD4 maps.  The maps included in this DLC pack are Vacant (CoD4), Strike (CoD4), Carnival (daytime amusement park), Trailer Park (tight corridors, maze-like), Fuel (sniper map, possible biggest map, oil refinery).  Robert also stated that the second map pack will follow suit and come at a price of 1200 Microsoft Points or $15. (LINK) - *Update*

That's right, the second map pack for Modern Warfare 2 looks to have just received a release date of June 3rd.  This announcement only a week after Kotaku had reported that Thomas Tippl of Activision had stated that the second map pack would be releasing in late 2010 (LINK).

The official announcement of the Resurgence Pack came from Activision themselves, along with the mention of two upcoming Double XP weekends, dated May 28th and June 4th (LINK).

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  1. Here's hoping Fuel is as big as Derail, I need more sniper havens to toy with my virtual enemies. Description for Trailer Park sounds just like Salvage... no surprise they are following closely to what the Stimulus Package was.