Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Call of Duty 7 Reveal Trailer Coming Friday!

What's the one annual thing that we love to see every year? A new Call of Duty, of course!

There's been plenty of rumour and speculation but it looks like the official news is about to start rolling in. As you may well know, there's been a lot of Vietnam and Cold War rumours as well as the GKNOVA6 mystery (which our friends are CoDZ are great at unravelling) but now it's time to get the real information that we've all been waiting for.

What would you do if we said the first look at Call of Duty 7 will be shown THIS Friday? Pretty exciting huh? Well start getting excited because that's right, the first Call of Duty 7 teaser trailer will be shown on GametrailersTV this Friday! It's also worth noting that CoD:World at Wars Nazi Zombies was first shown on GametrailersTV back in 2008, a month before the game was released.

With plenty of Call of Duty 7 previews in many gaming magazines next month, it's safe to say that the Call of Duty 7 craze is about to begin.

What would you like to see in Call of Duty 7? What maps? The return of Zombies? What new perks would you introduce? Let us know via our Twitter and our Forums. Let your minds run wild!

~ Boyle111

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  1. This is great news. I'm really burnt out on Modern Warfare 2 (for all the common reasons), but I still love the CoD series. I'm really hoping Treyarch brings some balance in the next iteration, the same way they balanced WaW based on feedback from CoD4 (IMO, of course).