Thursday, April 8, 2010

Call of Duty 7 Reveal Next Month

That's right ladies and gentlemen, we've just received word that the Official Playstation Magazine will officially reveal Call of Duty 7 in all of it's badass glory in next months installment.

No word on what exactly this reveal with delve into, but it looks like we'll be finding out exactly what we've all been waiting for as far as a setting goes judging from the "60's style hand grenade" found on this months teaser.

* Update * It also looks like OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) will have a reveal piece for Call of Duty in their next installment, dropping May 14th.

"And, seeing as the cat's out of the bag... issue 60 of OXM, out 14th May, will have the first details of the new Call of Duty." - @OXMUK

Stay tuned for more info as it releases.


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