Thursday, August 27, 2009

GamerZine Modern Warfare 2 Interview (Part3)

The third and final part of GamerZine's interview with IW community manager Robert Bowling (402) has hit the internet. In this section of the interview, 402 touches on new "upgraded" perks, online cheaters, and level caps. See you in 24 hours.

GamerZines: Are there any new additions to the perk system? Will there be more custom class slots than in Modern Warfare, and will you use the World at War idea of unlocking an extra class slot each time you go prestige?

Bowling: We've made extensive additions to the perk system and create-a-class system as a whole. As I've stated, you can now customize killstreak rewards, so your reward for multiple kills without a death can be customized to how you like to play. For example, I forego any 3 Killstreak or 5 killstreak and focus on the bigger payoffs for longer killstreaks. This new addition along with the ability to rank up Perks from their base benefit to an upgraded Pro version with additional bonuses allows you to really customize your Classes to your preferred play style per gametype. For example, for objective gametypes I like to focus on upgrading perks and customizing killstreaks, which allow me a lot of speed, mobility, and ability to get to objectives quickly and hold off enemies from defusing, planting or securing objectives, where my TDM / Free for All classes are focused purely on staying alive longer and taking enemies down quicker.

GZ: How will you deal with online glitchers and cheaters - for example, those with autofire joypads, or the hip-firing snipers you often find?

RB: We stay extremely connected to our community on a real-time basis. I credit a lot of that to our presence on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook where we can get instant reports from our players. Recently Call of Duty 4 had an outbreak of hackers who determined how to enable UFO mode (which allows players to fly freely through the air). Immediately upon receiving reports of it happening from a community member on Twitter Friday night, I had him invite me to his lobby, check it out for myself, text the programmers, and have an updated playlist which prevented it from happening by Monday morning. Whether it's an issue or suggestion, we've got our ear to the ground for what's coming. Modded Controllers with a Rapid Fire ability have been addressed, a fix that is already in Modern Warfare 2 and one that is being snuck into Call of Duty 4.

GZ: Treyarch raised the level cap to 65 for World at War's multiplayer, over CoD 4's 55. Are you looking to raise the level cap further for MW2?

RB: We're not taking any pages out of World at War's book. We're crafting a special and unique experience for Modern Warfare 2 players that I don't want to spoil too much. Definitive numbers like max level cap, complete weapon lists, and number of new perks is something I don't want to ruin and save for when the player ranks up and sees they're constantly receiving new rewards for it, whether that's a new weapon, perk, killstreak unlock, or item for their callsign.

GZ: Finally, what are your hopes for Modern Warfare 2? Can you see it surpassing GTA IV as the biggest entertainment launch in history?

RB: We never set such expectations on ourselves on the developer side. Our only goal is to make a fun game that our community will love and we are proud of. We're confident we will achieve that, anything beyond that is always humbling.


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