Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 MP Footage (Spoiler!!!)

Halo: ODST was leaked in France, and the tradition continues as the French have given us our very first taste of low-quality Modern Warfare 2 footage, including a few multiplayer maps, and the new third-person view!  No, not spectator mode, third person view which is available in certain game modes and via private matches.

The map list has been shown, and maps such as Invasion, Derail, and Skidrow which we reported to you earlier were run through.

Lets get right to it shall we? (Videos being re-uploaded and will be added shortly)

Game Mode Menu

Translations of the Game Modes (Yes, I speak French!)

Team Deathmatch
Ground War
Headquarters Pro
Search and Destroy
Capture the Flag
3rd Person Team Deathmatch
Hardcore Team Deathmatch
Search and Destroy Hardcore
3rd Person Team Deathmatch Hardcore
3rd Person Cagematch Hardcore

We're not sure if this is the complete list, so we'll leave it as being partial until we get some confirmation.  We will update this post as needed.

Thanks @Egocentrick for the first link to the live feed


  1. ...... ruining the game for everyone.

  2. Holy hell 3rd person Call of Duty!!! It could be an interesting change of pace.

  3. I'm just glad its seprate that other game modes.
    I will try it but I will most likely stay away from these new 3rd person game modes.

  4. I'll never play this game just as long as I HAVE to go through "Matchmaking" crap. When I can run it on my dedi-server I'll give it a go, till then...