Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Crazy Unofficial Modern Warfare 2 Products

We put out the call on Twitter and our forums yesterday to see what kind of crazy MW2 products you all could come up with, and you definitely delivered.  Here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

- Modern Warfare 2 sneakers.  Marathon Inserts sold separately.
- Golden Cross Edition complete with a Ghillie Suit, Thermal Goggles, and a Fake Claymore! Buy now for only $599!!! {MrZackk)
- MW2 branded toilet seat.  "Bombs Away!" (kingchris20)
- MW2 Toilet Paper.  "As soft as Price's 'stache" (kammy2)
- MacTavish brand Soap on a rope (MaTtKs)
- Blue Camo Condoms. "Goes great with Tactical Insertion!" (gdrobdog10)
- Life size fourzerotwo inflatable doll (you said it, not us) (cannonsimp)
- MW2 PS3 bundle.  (burn) (mateen110)
- MW2 Beer Mug. "No Milk Allowed" (carbonfibah)
- MW2 Anti-Depressant.  "Perk yourself up" (KAIZERSOSA81)
- MW2 Toaster Pastry.  "For the on-the-move flag cappers"

Thanks for all of the replies.  You can check out the rest of the suggestions on the WePlayCoD AggreTweet feed- LINK


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